Monday, 17 December 2012

It's All Gone a Bit Pear Shaped...

Life, that is....I'm already Pear Shaped!
Last week started so wonderfully with a pre Christmas get together for breakfast with friends, followed by the Meet and Make Christmas Party which was great fun.
As is typical of me I forgot to get my camera out after these shots, apart from for a few pics that turned out fuzzy!
Then it all went down hill, I ended up in bed for two days with a really nasty bug! 
Only some of my Christmas decs are up (and it's going to stay that way).
Not only have my cards not been written and posted they've not even been made. I have admitted defeat here and went out and bought some yesterday.
Christmas shopping still needs to be done, presents need wrapping, plans need to be made, people need to be visited and most importantly Christmas films need to be watched!
All a bit disappointing really...
Still, I have a Christmas meal with two of my ex work colleagues tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to that even if I can't taste a thing at the moment! The company will make up for that I'm sure!
I'll leave you with a lovely photo of Jane who I organise the craft fairs with (yes that is plural - we have more planned!). Jane is like me and doesn't like her photo being taken so I was chuffed to get this lovely photo of her at the M and M do. I'll be in trouble for sure for showing it but it's too lovely not to show! AND, you did say I could take a photo of you for the blog Jane!!
(I'll take it off if you REALLY want me to Jane)
I'll be back soon with a Advent Swap update.
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How are your Christmas preps going?

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Busy, Busy...

Well, so much for posting every day in the run up to Christmas!
This is a quick post to update you on the gifts I've received from my super swap partner, Emma for the Advent swap.

Emma has put so much work into the gifts and has really 'got' me.
Thanks Emma, I certainly did well getting you as my swap partner!
Mr B treated me to a trip to Bath on Saturday to visit the Christmas Market, it was a two and a half hour journey each way and took an hour to find somewhere to park! We attended a shoppers' carol service whilst there at the Abbey. It was a lovely day and I went feeling not-very-christmassy and came back feeling very festive and even played Christmas tunes on the way home in the car. We also watched Elf on DVD in the evening - one of my very favourite films. Not many pics were taken as it was heaving as you can imagine.
Tonight is the Meet and Make Christmas Party, I'm taking my camera and will hopefully remember to use it!
Tomorrow I'm planning to have a relaxing day reading though all your Christmas posts.
How are your Christmas preparations going?
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Monday, 3 December 2012

It's December and that means....

I am so looking forward to reading all the bloggy Christmas posts...
This weekend I was selling at another Christmas Fair, sharing a stall with Marion from Made by Marion. For me, it was a bit too soon after the My Favourite Things... fair and I didn't have enough stock left from the previous fair.
 Next year I'll be more organised - really, I will!! It wasn't terribly successful in terms of profit but I met some really lovely people.
The first of December also meant I could unwrap my first package from my swap partner, the lovely Emma from All Stitched Up. I am so excited about this swap organised by Hookin' with Laa Laa, I've loved putting together the gifts for Emma!
Here is what my first three packages from Emma contained, all handcrafted - I'm a lucky girl!

I've already used the notebook, the snowman is hanging on my dresser and the card holder will go above my craft desk when I tidy the desk (hopefully tomorrow - I have a day off, yay!). Thank you Emma XX
 Time for the first Christmas film of the year too, a difficult choice as I have so many I love. Mr B and myself like to sit down and watch a Christmas DVD regularly in the run up to 'the' big day. We chose Holiday Inn for our first of the season because it's not too Christmassy, and enjoyed it with the obligatory mince pies (not the first of the season!)
I thought I'd share a montage of some of my decorations from last year (in the living room), I'm really looking forward to decorating this year, it is one of the best bits of the season for me

I made good use of my discount for entering the Crafty Individuals Challenge, I was so excited about the discount that I didn't realise I also qualified for a free gift (top left) so an unexpected bonus... 
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Have a super week!