Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Eye, eye...

Well, the boys have gone up to London for the day and I have the house to myself for the first time in what seems like a long time, I'm hoping they are not getting too wet as it's raining, pouring here on the South Coast.
I thought I'd take the opportunity to have another go at some sewing after my failed attempt on Sunday.
This is what I made,
a glasses case
Unfortunately, I forgot it had wadding in (I know...!) so I ironed it and flattened it, because of that it also ended up a little misshapen.
I stamped the image onto the fabric (pale grey linen/cotton mix), made sure it was waterproof and then finished with a mother of pearl button on the front and a vintage button on the back. It's lined with a limited edition Liberty print that I got from the V and A a couple of years ago.
In November I will be selling at my first craft fair, glasses cases were one of the things I thought I'd make. I won't be selling this one though - too wonky and too flat!
Apart from that I'm happy to be able to combine some of my crafty loves - sewing, stamping, mother of pearl and vintage buttons.
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


As a birthday gift my work colleague, Lucy made this biscotti for me.

I only recently tried biscotti for the first time and I have to say I think it's delicious, very moreish. The idea is to dunk it but I like it dry (it is a little hard on the teeth!). Lucy also introduced me to crema di limoncello. My custard glasses are just the right size for this drink as you only need (although not necessarily want!) a small amount.
I'd like to have a go at making both someday soon.
Have any of you lovely people tried making either, I'd welcome any advice if so.
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Monday, 27 August 2012


for the first time in many weeks, I had the urge to do some sewing. My sewing supplies cupboard was in a frightful state, though so a pre sewing tidy was required.
It took me so long to tidy and fit it all back in that I lost my motivation for sewing!
I do have a lovely tidy cupboard though...
Hopefully, it won't be too long before the urge strikes again, although not doing any sewing is the way to keep the cupboard tidy, I suppose!!
Does this ever happen to you?
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.
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Saturday, 25 August 2012

And the moral is...

Don't try to be a clever clogs and try to get ahead!
You may have noticed a Christmas post appearing if you are one of my followers - as my plan is to blog  every day of December until the 25th (that's 24 posts in 24 days you know!!!)  I thought I'd start in plenty of time. Of course, it backfired and I published by mistake and tried to get rid of it by deleting, only to find that it's still in the blogger listing but I've now lost the original post!!!!
I think I'll just go back to my usual last minute ways.
Apologies for mentioning the C word in August and to make up for it here is a summery picture!!
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Will you come back if I promise not to show anymore Christmas posts until at least November? Oh please, go on....

Will you be watching?

Whilst browsing on Amazon (again!) I found this
As someone who enjoyed 'Tales from the Green Valley' and loved 'Victorian Farm' I will be, for sure. I wasn't as captivated by 'Edwardian Farm', I thought I would enjoy it most of all as I love the Edwardian style but I think it was too similar to 'Victorian Farm', and too soon.
I'm pretty certain I'm going to love this, since reading 'Carrie's War'
as a child I've had a fascination with WWII social history.
Thursday 6th September at 8pm I shall be sat in front of the TV in anticipation of a great hour of entertainment!
This reminded me of a DVD I watched a couple of years ago and really enjoyed.
'The Coal House at War' was set in Wales, several families lived as they would have done during the war years. Very entertaining - I'd like to watch it again, I think!
Will you be watching on the 6th Sept?
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So many candles, so little cake...

Yes, I've had a birthday!
It's not entirely true about the cake - I did have rather a lot of cake.
Youngest boy made me my cake of choice, this was a lemon buttercream sponge. Mr B and the boys gave me a birthday tea party at home. (Mother-in-law is visiting and not very steady on her feet so my birthday day out will be next week).
The boys did well and here is a picture of the table...
and styling by Youngest Boy...
There were clear themes to my presents...
Gorgeous childs wooden shoe lasts given to me by Mr B (guided by moi!).
A beautiful tin that I love, love, love (and keep gazing at and opening!) and even better, it included lots of other bits including a drop from a vintage chandelier (thank you Mrs Snippet), a custard cup (I collect) found for me by Youngest Boy and two tiny scent bottles from Eldest Boy.
For me a birthday or Christmas is not complete without new books, they are a big part of my day! Is that really sad?! In defence of the present giver who gave me the Hairy Dieters cookbook, I have to say it was at my suggestion, they were not rude enough to suggest I needed to lose a few pounds (OK, stones!), and I surely do!! Also, note the beautiful brooch handmade for me by Seaside Girl and the only perfume I ever wear.
Buttons and craft bits and bobs 
Button soap! Whether I'll be able to use this is debatable (too lovely) but it will look super displayed in a jar in the bathroom, a perfect find for me by Karen and her family. I love buttons so this and the three lots of buttons I received were a big hit. Lucky me, I received lots of crafty bits which I shall thoroughly enjoy using. I even got some Christmas papers, buttons and ribbons - you know me so well Debbie!!
Another love of mine is anything bird themed and I did well here with beautiful magnets, I am very fussy about what I put on my fridge (!) but these are perfect and I will enjoy looking at them everyday. I was also lucky enough to receive a bird garden ornament and book with a gorgeous bird design on (I am rather addicted to notebooks!).

A red spotty umbrella - red AND spots - perfect, keyring, brooch, vouchers, pin tin and hankie are all mine, mine,
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday week so special. I am so fortunate to know such lovely people who 'get' me and chose such perfect gifts.
 Thanks for visiting.
Have a lovely BH weekend if you are in the UK, and a lovely non BH weekend if you're not!



Friday, 17 August 2012


I'm rather enjoying the look of my washing drying on the line today
that is, if I'm selective and don't look further along the washing line!
Oh, to have only pretty washing...


Thursday, 16 August 2012

This week...

I am being inspired by...

Designs by French General
I just love the colours!

The grey of my recently painted bathroom walls against the white tiles, paintwork and vintage mirror

This book.
I don't drive. Years ago (like 30+!) I worked with someone who owned a Morris Traveller and fell in love (I was in my teens), I always thought that when I learned to drive this is the car I'd have. Dorothy's car was grey, I think, and she'd had it since new. I can't say this picture has inspired me to learn to drive but the colour has inspired me and it's made me think of summer picnics! And, it would look beautiful on the driveway -
 I could even paint my front door to match!!

What inspires you?
Do you have a colour you are continually drawn to?

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Re Found Treasures

I was lucky enough to have two vintiquing (I am reliably informed by Seaside Girl that this is what it is now called) trips last week.
The first was an unexpected adventure which made it all the more fun. It was a trip to Miss Mabel's, amazingly my purchase was tiny (50p!).
I did regret not buying a large glass green (metal) lidded jar, but managed to partake of a delicious slice of cake - nectarine, pistachio and vanilla sponge whilst I was there. I've found a similar recipe on the BBC Good Food website so I'll have a go at making one myself, it tasted of summer!
Then it was on to The Rocking Horse Antiques Centre in Hassocks where I was not so restrained!
A gorgeous tin with faded roses design and handles. Love it! More glass candlesticks, an embroidery hoop for another mini patchwork piece I'm planning and three fish paste jars (I do have plans for these!) came home with me.

The second trip was planned with Mr B in tow to show him something I had fallen in love with, and thought may make a suitable birthday gift from him to me. Back to The Rocking Horse, a walk around Hassocks and a peek in the charity shops (not very fruitful). I nearly didn't go in here as it looked expensive, I'm so pleased I did because I found this bobbin for a reasonable price and snapped it up.
Then it was on to The Camelia Botnar Homes and Gardens Centre for lunch, the Bistro staff/trainees were lovely and friendly, it was very,very hot in there and I'm sure they were flagging but it didn't show at all. After a mooch around it was time for home.
Have you found any bargains recently? Do share, I'd love to know!
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The Unwanted Shelf (aaahhh!)

I bought this shelf unit with the intention of using it in the bathroom.
Mr B had other ideas and decided it was unsuitable for use in there as it would rust (he's probably right but don't tell him I said so!). I couldn't find anywhere else for it in the house and Youngest Boy was offered it and declined.
 So after a bit of thought I decided the garden was the place for it. 
Finding small plants suitable for a mostly shady spot was a bit of a challenge, and I did sneak in a pelargonium. However, I think it's worked well...
All I need now are some flowers on the plants!
Here are a couple of pics of my garden, it's looking a little worse for wear in some places but I am pleased that some of my plants that were sprayed with creosote are still alive, fingers crossed...

Thankyou to everyone who gave me advice on the wallpaper dilemma in the previous post. To those who left comments, told me their opinion verbally and to the two people (Marion and Victoria) who left comments that I inadvertantly deleted (sorry!), I appreciate you taking the time to tell me what you think. And the winner is....

Thanks, as always for visiting.
What did you get up to this weekend?

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Advice please!

Earlier this year I was sitting in a cafe in Ditchling when I spotted this wallpaper on the walls, I found out it was a current design from Next.
I thought it would be perfect for one wall in my kitchen. Mr B went off to buy a roll from Next but pointed out it would be silly to hang it before the ceiling had been repaired (we'd had a leak from the bathroom above). After a bit of a sulk I agreed, so several months later it's still waiting to be hung.
I was happy with this wallpaper until I spotted this one!
I ordered a sample and it's even better in 'real life'.
(The colours are more vibrant)
I love the shabby look, and the way it's got some colour in it.
This is where the chosen wallpaper will be hung.
What do you think? Which one shall I go with?
I'd be grateful for your advice.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Jar of Love Swap

See that jar - do you want to see what it contained?

All of this! Forty-six items were inside the jar!
If Amanda doesn't win the prize on Katie's blog for the most items in a jar I'll be amazed. Not only did Amanda fit all these items inside the jar but also thoughtfully included  things she knew I am interested in and loved - gardening, crafts, sewing, pets etc. The star of the show though is the beautiful crocheted daffodil brooch.
Thank you Amanda - you said you wanted your first swap to be really good and it certainly was!
Take a look at Amanda's blog here
This is what I sent Amanda, nowhere near 46 items! Amanda is getting married next year so I decided to go with a love/heart theme (I do love a theme!!)
I loved putting this swap together.
Coincidentally, I also included a brooch in my jar for Amanda!
Thank you Katie for organising such a great swap, and again to Amanda for being such a great swap partner.
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