Sunday, 12 August 2012

Re Found Treasures

I was lucky enough to have two vintiquing (I am reliably informed by Seaside Girl that this is what it is now called) trips last week.
The first was an unexpected adventure which made it all the more fun. It was a trip to Miss Mabel's, amazingly my purchase was tiny (50p!).
I did regret not buying a large glass green (metal) lidded jar, but managed to partake of a delicious slice of cake - nectarine, pistachio and vanilla sponge whilst I was there. I've found a similar recipe on the BBC Good Food website so I'll have a go at making one myself, it tasted of summer!
Then it was on to The Rocking Horse Antiques Centre in Hassocks where I was not so restrained!
A gorgeous tin with faded roses design and handles. Love it! More glass candlesticks, an embroidery hoop for another mini patchwork piece I'm planning and three fish paste jars (I do have plans for these!) came home with me.

The second trip was planned with Mr B in tow to show him something I had fallen in love with, and thought may make a suitable birthday gift from him to me. Back to The Rocking Horse, a walk around Hassocks and a peek in the charity shops (not very fruitful). I nearly didn't go in here as it looked expensive, I'm so pleased I did because I found this bobbin for a reasonable price and snapped it up.
Then it was on to The Camelia Botnar Homes and Gardens Centre for lunch, the Bistro staff/trainees were lovely and friendly, it was very,very hot in there and I'm sure they were flagging but it didn't show at all. After a mooch around it was time for home.
Have you found any bargains recently? Do share, I'd love to know!
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  1. Gosh some great finds. Sounds like a very productive day.

    X x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous finds Suzanne! Love the candlesticks and tins especially!
    Victoria xx


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