Monday, 25 June 2012

This 'n' That

Beautiful weather, time off work and... a throat infection! Determined to make the best of it though - who knows when we'll get the next lot of nice weather!
You may remember back in April when I came across this idea in a magazine and started collecting plates...
Well, here is my version.
Most of these plates cost 50p or less, only one cost over a pound.
Love the effect!
I must show you this fabulous tea towel given to me recently by Seaside Girl (who else?!), far too lovely to dry dishes with!
And finally, a picture of my gorgeous dogs enjoying the sunshine

Thanks for visiting. Here's hoping you too have sunshine!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Queen (and) Dee

Dee from the Meet and Make group is so proud to have received a letter about some peg dolls she sent to the Queen and would like me to share her happiness with you...
What a lovely thought to send them.
It's good to see they were so appreciated, Dee.

Fancy a walk around the garden?

The sun is shining at last, the sky is blue, it's a little bit chilly and still windy. However, I have managed to spend a bit of time working in the garden this weekend. Would you care to look around?
This is the view you get walking out of the back door.
Turn right...
we are going in a clockwise direction!
This weekend I (with Mr. B's help) have re potted the mature jasmine and winter flowering clematis into this half barrel, the previous one fell apart!
Round the corner to the shed door...
bit messy, could be worse!
I forgot to take a photo of the border to the right of the door it seems!
Shall we go through here instead?
It leads to...
the second seating area, such a grand title for such a tiny space!
Mr Bramble REALLY dislikes this mirror and was rather cross when I attatched it to his shed (yes, we have his and hers sheds!).
The storage/dumping area.
We are still going in a clockwise direction and are now leaving the second seating area (!!)
The rose (Albertine) covered this fence last year. I had to cut it back though as it was so heavy it was pulling the fence down.
A quick look back...
Can you see the bunting on the washing line? I had this idea today!
And heading back inside...
A small but much loved garden!
I hope you all had some sunshine this weekend.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

For the lady who visited via The Wool Bar, Blogger wouldn't give me your email address! Here are the details of Meet and Make.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Crochet for Beginners

Yesterday I spent a happy three hours here at a Crochet for Beginners class. I had heard many lovely things about this shop, but it was actually my first visit (but definitely not my last!).
Myself, my friend Marion and three others learn't the basics of crochet with Sarah. I can't show you anything I did because it was all just practice and I've unravelled it. However, I think after five or more years of trying I've finally got it!!
The shop is beautiful, truly inspirational and the owner, Caroline is happy for me to share with you some pictures I took.
The next images were taken through the window so please excuse the reflections!
I want to make a knitted tea cosy like this and...
a knitted hanging basket - I'm in love !
Take a look at the website for more inspiration.
I'm off to practice!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you all had a great weekend.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Magical Mystery Tour

My friend Mrs Snippet has been teasing myself and another friend for a few weeks now with the knowledge she had of a place we'd love and that she would take us to. Being the big tease she is she refused to give us any information or hints (despite me trying very hard!)
Today was the big day, and what a great day it was.
This is where we ended up...
Nothing that special from the outside apart from the gorgeous sign, definitely does not give much of an idea of the delights to come when you step through the door
Below is where we had our first break for tea and coffee, served in vintage tea pots with cups and saucers. Later on we had lunch, and finally cake and artisan bread to take away. The food is highly recommended as are the lovely ladies who run the tea room!
Could you have resisted, I ask?!
I brought home 2 very generous slices of the St. Clements cake to share with Mr Bramble, and probably the youngest boy too if I really have to!
I had a lovely day with Mrs Snippet and Seaside Girl (currently blogless but hopefully soon to be rectified, she's a great bargain hunter and keen photographer so the blog will be 'a sight for sore eyes' - love that expression!)
Here are some of the bits I bought, of course 'if money were no object' and payday wasn't a week away.....
(Mr Bramble and Youngest Boy both think this is uglier than the wall.)
I'll probably put this on the ugly bit of wall at the end of the garden next to my second seating area (I love calling it that, if you saw the size of my garden you'd understand why!!)
I also bought a printers tray but left it there. I was getting far too excitable talking to the lovely Miss Mabel...
(Click on the image to take you to the Facebook page)
If you can get there then do, it's well worth a visit.
A really lovely day, worth the suspense. Thanks to Mrs Snippet for the lovely experience - you spoil us Mrs S, and Seaside Girl for making it such a jolly, happy day.

Thanks for visiting