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Hello, my name is Suzanne, otherwise known as Mrs Bramble. I am a forty-something (just!) mother of two teenage boys and wife of one very patient man! I work part-time in a library which leaves me (still not enough!) time for my interests. They are, in no particular order, reading, gardening, sewing, stamping and voracious blog reading. I have always dabbled in creative hobbies - calligraphy, patchwork, stencilling are a few that I've enjoyed over the years.
I also enjoy collecting vintage items, my big love at the moment are custard/jelly/syllabub glasses. Find me a junky type shop with things a bit dusty and boxes full of random 'stuff' and I'm in heaven!! I love a snoop around a charity shop too and have a mild (some may disagree!) addiction to ebay!!

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  1. Hi Suzanne, and thank you for visiting my place and becoming my latest follower - it was lovely to see you had been there and now I'm looking forward to browsing through your lovely posts here! Joy x


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