Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sunday Sums

Today I've had a day off and have spent hours, and I mean hours, doing the accounts. Lesson learnt though - do them at least once a week to keep on top of it! Numbers are not my greatest love for sure...
I am always looking for ways to incorporate free motion embroidery into my makes, and last week I made some cards. I made them general so that people can keep them on display after 'the' event should they wish to. I really enjoyed making these and will make more this week I think...
Lastly, thanks so much for your lovely comments on my last post. I have missed blogging but I'm finding it difficult to think of things to post about after the break!
I'm coming visiting... I've a lot of catching up to do!
Thanks for visiting


  1. Lovely cards and such a good idea to keep them on show for a bit longer, welcome back to blog land x

  2. Good luck with the sums and everything else too! xx


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