Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Itching to get Stitching! WOYWW 213

I have recently treated myself to some new fabric, all fat quarters, that I plan to use to make things for the next craft fair (in November, Emma - I hope you're impressed by my organisational skills!!). I am longing to make something with them but, sadly, this is the state of my craft room
Full of furniture we've inherited from Mr B's parents, we need to do a lot of jiggling about to get it to fit into our little house, but as Mr B's parents have had it since new (late 50's) he didn't want to let it go out of the family.
The dressing table is already in situ and I'm using this to do my crafting, mostly stamping (and I'm thinking Christmas cards here!).
Yes, I have covered the mirror - who wants to sit in front of a triple mirror for any amount of time?! Certainly not me!
If you are wondering why I'm showing you my dressing table see here
It's going to be a challenge decorating our bedroom to go with the furniture as I've only ever decorated around pale wood before. I'm enjoying the research though!
What is your decorating style?
Any tips for decorating choosing colours to go with  dark wood?

Have a great day!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Feeling Crafty

Mr B and Youngest Boy have gone away for the weekend, I knew as soon as I'd waved them off what I was going to do today....CRAFT!
It seems so long since I've had a decent session due to the seemingly never ending decorating!
Recently, I bought some new stamps and was itching to try them, so the first thing I decided to make was cards - all the same design but finished in different colours.
The stamps I used are from
Crafty Individuals (tea pot), Dovecraft (bunting) and Clearly Besotted for the sentiment.
I was lucky enough to find this next stamp set by chance, I have been looking for a nice doily stamp for some time and now I have a whole set!
I used it to make a card to attach a magnet to, the idea is you get a card and a little gift in one.
The next project isn't quite finished but I thought I'd show you anyway and do a big reveal when I have finished (if I remember).
These are wooden tags to attach to little containers of buttons to sell at the next fair, I plan to add a little button and of course some twine or ribbon.
How are you spending your day?

Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Smiles

This week, for the first time, I am linking with Annie for Friday Smiles.
This is what has made me happiest
my beautiful, scented rambling rose,
that despite being blown down in recent high winds is flowering prolifically. It does make getting to the end of the garden a challenge but really, could you cut this back?!
Yes, there is a path in there somewhere!
And, a treat for today...
Raspberry Ripple Cupcake.
 Eaten with one of my new vintage cake forks.
What has made you smile this week?
Have a fab weekend.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Wanderer Returns ....yet again!

Oh yes, you can't get rid of me that easily, I keep popping up!!
I have a good reason for being absent...really, here's a clue...
the dreaded decorating!
It's still not quite finished but we're nearly there.
We have an old house and several things cropped up that needed fixing so it's taken longer than anticipated, you know what it's like...
Here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of where we're going
pictures ready for framing.
 I LOVE these!
Mr B and myself both work in libraries, these are printed on old dictionary pages so, as well as being gorgeous they also seemed appropriate. I got them from here and the only problem was choosing as I loved everything!
I'll be going back for more.
We did have a break from the decorating when our next door neighbours held a garden party as part of the Big Lunch event. Sadly, us (including Youngest Boy) and one other couple were the only ones to turn up. It was a lovely spread (all the more for us) and M had worked so hard.
Here is our contribution
Yesterday, I popped in to town to meet a couple of friends that I don't see enough of. After a lovely lunch I had a look around the charity shops and here is my little haul
a jelly mould, I'm collecting them to make 'Kitchen Candles' to sell at the craft fairs, the sugar tongs and little teapot are also for the CF, we're collecting vintage china for the tea room. The tiny candelabra is just the right size for birthday cake candles, I'm planning to spray paint it and use it on birthday cakes. Only two of the cotton reels are wooden but great value anyway as I get through a lot of thread.
Then I popped into M&S to say a quick 'hello' to a friend who works there, saw this cardigan and bought it on impulse.
It's got to be the perfect summer cardigan, surely. Stripes, dots and bunting!! However, I'm not 100% sure I'm keeping it because A) I have many, many cardigans and B) I'm hoping for a summer where cardigans won't be necessary!
Finally, I must show you these
that I found here.
I had planned to give these away with a cupcake from a recently opened bakery a few minutes away from us, for birthdays etc. As soon as I saw them I knew I wouldn't be doing that, they are just too lovely to part with and I do always eat my cake with a cake fork...
I hope you are all having the super weather we are here.
I'm off to work shortly and the garden doors will be open for sure!
Just time to catch up on a few of your blogs...