Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Itching to get Stitching! WOYWW 213

I have recently treated myself to some new fabric, all fat quarters, that I plan to use to make things for the next craft fair (in November, Emma - I hope you're impressed by my organisational skills!!). I am longing to make something with them but, sadly, this is the state of my craft room
Full of furniture we've inherited from Mr B's parents, we need to do a lot of jiggling about to get it to fit into our little house, but as Mr B's parents have had it since new (late 50's) he didn't want to let it go out of the family.
The dressing table is already in situ and I'm using this to do my crafting, mostly stamping (and I'm thinking Christmas cards here!).
Yes, I have covered the mirror - who wants to sit in front of a triple mirror for any amount of time?! Certainly not me!
If you are wondering why I'm showing you my dressing table see here
It's going to be a challenge decorating our bedroom to go with the furniture as I've only ever decorated around pale wood before. I'm enjoying the research though!
What is your decorating style?
Any tips for decorating choosing colours to go with  dark wood?

Have a great day!


  1. How lovely, I love old furniture. It has such character, hope you fit it all in! Take care Zo xx 75

  2. I always feel with dark wood the lighter creamy colors offset the wood nicely, but darker warm colors will work just as well =) So no help here I'm afraid... Love your little workspace at the dressing table.

    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week.

  3. Love your materials, beautiful colours and patterns. Hopefully you will soon be able to jiggle everything around and have a little time to craft :) Hope you are having a Great week
    Heather WOYWW#95

  4. lovely selection of fabric

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week

    Candace #43

  5. You look busy1 Colour schemes really depend on the size of the room as well. Large rooms can cope much better with darker colours. However paler/creamy colours show off the darker furniture best but not white.....too much of a contrast. One wall in patterned or darker colour would be an option in a smaller room. Avoid pinks and organges with dark wood, greens, apricots, creams pale blues look good. Good luck!

  6. Love your gorgeous new fabrics.
    M x

  7. Love your new fabrics Mrs B. Your dressing table is so glamorous even with your crafting things on it!-I'd love to have a bedroom with space for one.
    Happy Crafting...
    Love Seaside Girl x

  8. Love you gorgeous selection of fabrics - you'll be able to make lots of lovely things for the craft sale. I grew up in the 1950s and get all nostalgic when I see the decorating style from that time. My recollection was that my parents favoured bright and cheerful colours paired with white or cream and gingham and polka dots seemed to feature a lot too. Hope you find a path to that sewing machine soon. Elizabeth x #72

  9. I love that desk, all that fabric, and all those crafting goodies. Happy crafting #5

  10. Looks like you've bought some lovely fabric. I'm with you on covering the mirror, I struggle at the hair dressers sitting in front of the mirror! Looks like a lovely crafting space x

  11. Good luck with the decorating, I'm sure it will look fab. Hope you get to play with your new fabric soon. Thanks for sharing and happy woyww Liz@71

  12. Love the fabric! I hope the decorating goes well - I always like white walls which gives scope for any pictures or whatever. xx

  13. Love all your fabric, especially the sewing themed piece. The dressing table is a lovely piece of furniture and nice to see it being put to good use. Thanks for visiting me already.
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie #10

  14. Hope the decorating goes well. How about natural light colours? I hate sitting in front of mirrors so quite understand the covering! Beautiful fabrics, wish I could sew!
    Happy late WOYWW. Pam#28

  15. My decorating style? I would say 'natural colours and sort of modern but not too sharp/cold/edgy' - hmm, is that good English? We have a dark (oak) floor in the living room and I decorated with off-white/cream and whites... but that's me... I need natural and relaxing colors around to allow my mind to go mad, messy and wild ;) Good luck figuring out what YOU like decorating the house/room. Happy ~ belated ~ woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #91

  16. Those fat quarters of fabric look really lovely
    Good luck with fitting the furniture into your house never an easy job
    Jackie 29

  17. I am incredibly impressed! I have just signed up to a charity night in July that I haven't prepared anything for yet...I think I need you in Glasgow helping me too organise!

    The furniture looks fantastic! Have you spent much time on Pinterest yet? I can't remember if you've mentioned using it before but it's fantastic for collecting ideas :)


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