Friday, 23 August 2013

That Holiday Feeling

Mr B and myself are currently on our annual two weeks summer holiday from work, we've been very lucky with the weather this week.
We started our week off with this holiday treat
We last saw it when I was pregnant with Youngest Boy, so 16 years ago. We always planned to see it again but we didn't expect to have to wait this long! The boys have grown up listening to the soundtrack and thoroughly enjoyed it too. A very special (and rare) family day out.
Tuesday I met a friend for breakfast and was the lucky recipient of this lovely lot
the cushion and the bunting were handmade especially for me in my favourite colours and I am totally smitten with it all. Lucky me...
Mr B had to go into work for a meeting on Tuesday so Youngest Boy and I went over to Chichester with him, primarily to get school uniform for YB with no success. I resisted a visit to the Eternal Maker but only because I knew I was going to be visiting here later in the week.
A fab new fabric shop in my home town. They've been selling online for a couple of years but have only just opened the shop. It's full of gorgeous fabric and ribbon. Here are my purchases
I am so chuffed that I got the paint by numbers fabric. It was originally released a couple of years ago in a slightly different colour way. I wanted it so badly! I couldn't find it any where so I ended up buying this
just so that I could have a piece of it!
I know I've been wittering on about my 'big' birthday for what seems like forever but it's almost here now and yesterday I was treated to lunch by a friend and last week was given this (totally unexpected) gift from my colleagues at the big library - how lovely that they thought of me, I am very touched.
Today this was delivered
 a gift from my sister-in-law and her husband. What a treat! I have been totally spoilt and it's still not actually my birthday (although it is very close now). I suspect most of you would think the same as Mr B and I did - the box is going to make a great container for craft materials!
Despite being on leave this week I seem to have had less time for blogland, I think I managed to catch up with most of your news yesterday.
I have a blog post planned about some projects a couple of members of our meet and make group have recently completed but now I have to go and prepare for the next bit of our holiday.
Enjoy the gorgeous weather and have a fab BH weekend if you are in the UK and a fab weekend anyway, if you're not!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Project Keyring

I woke up this morning with this project on my mind, it started yesterday when I decided that I needed a key ring for my bicycle locks.
Time is limited today as I am meeting a friend for coffee shortly and working this afternoon so as soon as I got up, after my shower but before breakfast and all those morning chores, I did this
I wasn't happy with the first one (bottom) - it turned out too big and too wonky. The second one I did is the right sort of size but I still like the idea of a border to pretty it up, although I have used nice fabric on the back the front looks a bit plain to me. What do you think?
I have a few more ideas but I've run out of time. I have lots of ideas running through my head now - key rings for the shed, house, just keys, school lockers etc. I think I'll make some for the next craft fair as I love to combine printing and sewing.
Do you ever have the urge to create so badly that it takes over everything else?
I'm a firm believer in doing things whilst you are in the mood - it's just a shame that real life interferes!!
Have a great day

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Hello and a Catch up...

Firstly, I must thank you all for your lovely comments about my bicycle.
I have such super feedback and admiring glances when I use it that I know I'm a really lucky girl to be given such a wonderful gift from Mr B.
(And yes, Mrs C I really need to look for a way to attach the vintage picnic hamper to the back as it does look so perfect!).
I have changed my mind yet again about how to decorate the kitchen - instead of a feature wall (after buying 3 different wallpapers - luckily none of them expensive), I am just going with all plain painted walls. The reason is this...
the most gorgeous fabric that I have found for the roman blinds.
I love birds but I don't love making blinds or curtains, I think though, with such beautiful fabric it's going to be a real labour of love this time.
I have been doing some research for a project I've been thinking about doing for a long time, my work colleague has convinced me to give it a go sooner rather than later - I'll keep you posted (it's going to be a steep learning curve)!
Earlier today I popped into town to have lunch with a couple of friends and came back with these
  I don't ever wear my hair up but whilst reading this book
I came across a tip to use elastic hair bands as closures, one of those things that seem so obvious that I wonder why I've not thought of it!
Our annual holiday is coming up soon and I want a portable project to take with me, inspired by an earlier project of mine (above) I have been preparing to make some mini patchwork pieces to then embroider or applique a picture on  (see here for the original post) so I'm off to cut out templates etc.
OOh, I almost forgot to show you my little charity shop haul today...
all of this for under £5 - I'm very happy!
Hope you are all having a fab week so far, what's the weather like with you? Here it is drab and grey but dry - good for getting things done!!

Friday, 2 August 2013

A Friday Smile times three...

This week I have three Friday Smiles to share with you.
Pop over to Annie's blog to see more smiles.
The first is this, that I found in my picture file and remembered I'd downloaded (uploaded??!) a while ago to share with a cat loving friend.
(And never did - so this is for you Lucy!)
So funny, and so true!
The second is this - so exciting!
 My present for my up coming 'big' birthday from Mr B. We usually exchange modest gifts so I am a very lucky girl.
It is L*O*V*E big time on my part, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy cycling.
It's just a coincidence that this is the one I chose and that I'm a sucker for anything with a bird on!
Number three is a lucky find - a vintage picnic hamper that looks made for the back of my long as I don't actually move the bicycle it's perfect!!!
I must share with you some pictures of a fab vintage tea party I went to last weekend. Held by a friend Liz, to celebrate her 'new start'. Liz made the most delicious cakes and served tea and cakes using vintage china - it all looked and tasted gorgeous.
How has your week been?
Have a super weekend.