Friday, 2 August 2013

A Friday Smile times three...

This week I have three Friday Smiles to share with you.
Pop over to Annie's blog to see more smiles.
The first is this, that I found in my picture file and remembered I'd downloaded (uploaded??!) a while ago to share with a cat loving friend.
(And never did - so this is for you Lucy!)
So funny, and so true!
The second is this - so exciting!
 My present for my up coming 'big' birthday from Mr B. We usually exchange modest gifts so I am a very lucky girl.
It is L*O*V*E big time on my part, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy cycling.
It's just a coincidence that this is the one I chose and that I'm a sucker for anything with a bird on!
Number three is a lucky find - a vintage picnic hamper that looks made for the back of my long as I don't actually move the bicycle it's perfect!!!
I must share with you some pictures of a fab vintage tea party I went to last weekend. Held by a friend Liz, to celebrate her 'new start'. Liz made the most delicious cakes and served tea and cakes using vintage china - it all looked and tasted gorgeous.
How has your week been?
Have a super weekend.


  1. Your bike is a delight! Very classy and elegant :)

  2. The cats hilarious. I will have to show my daughter that one she'll love it. Congratulations on your big birthday. Your bikes gorgeous and looks wonderful with the basket on the back. I hope you get plenty of time to enjoy it.
    Ali x

  3. Your new bicycle is just so YOU Mrs Bramble-enjoy it....
    Seaside Girl x

  4. Oh I love your bike :) very stylish!

  5. That vintage tea party looks fabulous and oh my! that bike is a bit special x I am sure you could find someway to attach the basket to the back??

  6. What a lovely birthday present - I hope you get lots of nice weather to ride it and enjoy your picnics.

    Beautiful tea party - the cakes look delicious.

  7. Hehe the cat basket
    Enjoy your bike

  8. Hi Suzanne,
    I just LOVE your bike. My Hubby and I are in the process of buying some bikes. Yours is fabulous! Great color too. The basket in front and the rack in back are great. What a great gift. Yummy treats there. Enjoy!
    Bobbie Lynn

  9. What a beautiful bike....if only I could ride one! :-) The cat picture made me chuckle too. Thanks for joining in the fun.
    Annie x

  10. Having so many cats I know how they always ignore the beds and burrow into everything else. That tea looks amazing ...wish i could have been there to sample it all . xx

  11. Ohhhh my goodness your bike! It's beautiful Suzanne :) How much do you want to go for a cycle around a tiny little village picking up fresh flowers and fresh bread from the bakers...happy almost birthday!

  12. Looks like you have had a great week! Love, love, love your bike!
    M x

  13. Lots of smiles here! Enjoy your gorgeous bike! xx

  14. Love the bicycle - you can put all your books in the basket! Will I see it outside the library? Sorry I haven't been at M&M - my mum's been staying.

  15. Oh my goodness, I have huge bike envy, I love it what a fantastic prezzie.
    Emma x

  16. oh wowee I have some serious bike envy here! its absolutely gorgeous. what a love shade of red x


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