Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Playing Hooky...

..and not the crochet kind (if only...).
Mr B and myself took this week off work to decorate our bedroom, however if you're in the UK you'll know it has been very hot. Our bedroom is south facing with a wall of windows so it would be foolish to decorate in there at the moment, really...it would.
Therefore, we have been forced to do other things! We have visited Chichester, and visited The Eternal Maker where in the name of politeness I was forced to buy these
(not the cherries - delicious, grown in Sussex & bought at the farm shop on the way home, some may have already been eaten)
 Mr B (who you may remember) works in Chichester wanted to show me a couple of shops he's recently discovered and thought I'd enjoy visiting. So we had a mooch in here
and here
then treated ourselves to an ice cream and then made our way to Fishbourne for an exciting purchase that I'll blog about soon!
I hope you are all having a wonderful week!


  1. I agree way too hot to decorate a south facing bedroom. At least you have made good use of your time together visiting those lovely looking shops. Lovely fabrics. Can't wait to hear about your purchase.

  2. I quite agree it's far too hot to be doing any decorating. Your day out sounds ideal. Gorgeous fabric and lovely shops. I love the window display in The Carousel. Can't wait to hear about your surprise purchase.
    Ali x
    PS hope your son had a wonderful birthday.

  3. Gorgeous new fabrics! Those shops look like ones I would enjoy too. Sounds like. A lovely day all round.
    M x

  4. How exciting to discover new shops Mrs B! Enjoy the rest of your week off!
    Seaside Girl x

  5. Looks like a fab trip - lovely shops to mooch around. x Jo

  6. Lovely fabrics and lovely shops. If it was down to me there would only be stones in that bowl :)) Elizabeth xx

  7. That's so cute that your half picks shops for you...I love the thought!

  8. Great fabrics. The shops look lovely somewhere id really enjoy a mooch around x

  9. Oh the shops look great... wish they were close to me! :)


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