Friday, 19 July 2013

A Friday Smile and a Birthday

Just a quickie post today to join in with Annie's Friday Smiles and to wish Eldest Boy a Happy 19th Birthday. The two link very well because my 'smile' this week is that after 18 years and 364 days (ie yesterday!) my eldest has done his own laundry and pegged it on the line - what a shocking mother he has for letting him get away with it for soooo long!
This seemed the most appropriate card for a 19 year old lad (or mine, anyway!).
Happy Birthday - love you lots XX
Have a fab weekend everyone!


  1. That is definitely something to smile about! I am sure you were a bit shocked, lol.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son and congratulations on his first load of washing LOL Maybe he'll do the washing every week now.

  3. Now get him to iron it!!! As teenagers I left my whole family to wash and iron for themselves. I just stopped doing it and thus they started!!! I was studying and I couldn't do everything so told them I was going on strike. DH still does his own ironing and all our washing.
    Jo x

  4. Now that really would make me smile :-)
    Thanks for joining in the fun.
    Annie x

  5. That just about sums up most 19 year olds birthdays! It is a good to know he can do the laundry when he has to, but let's face it - Why bother when Mum can do it! (As a mother of five sons, now all grown up, I know just how you feel!) Kate x

  6. Happy Birthday to your son, and I hope his hangover isn't to bad!

  7. Wow! I am impressed. My Hubby still does not do any washing nor ironing and we have been married for nearly 24 years!!
    Great card too!

  8. I hope you have recovered from the shock of all that washing on the line pegged up not by you.Love the card perfect. xx


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