Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Recently, I have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things we have in the Bramble household. Inheriting my mother-in-laws furniture and other bits hasn't helped but I have to say we were pretty packed before.
I've never considered myself a hoarder but in the last few years I have acquired lots of 'stuff' and put more and more things on display, and not hidden away in cupboards as I used to do.
I mentioned previously that we are having work done in the house and today I had to clear as much as possible from the kitchen.
Looking at it cleared I realised how cluttered it had become!
And, I also realise how much I like it less cluttered. Of course, I live in a little house with Mr B and the boys so it's not practical, or possible, to keep it this clear.
Every weekend recently I have been sorting more and more bits to give to charity or dump and it feels really good!
My challenge here is to not put as much 'stuff' back in the kitchen after the work is completed!! (I also need to give it a MASSIVE clean - how does it get that dirty? I THINK I keep things clean...)
Sadly, I only managed three days of a clear craft room - this is how it is now!
Any tips on keeping things under control would be very welcome.
Have a lovely day!


  1. No tips I'm afraid from me but it always feels good to go through your 'stuff' and re-evaluate what you really need. Me, I seem to be constantly clearing out stuff yet never seem to feel I'm making a huge dent in it - I guess it's not surprising after 29 years of marriage and accumulating so much along the way LOL!

  2. Hi Suzanne

    I moved house last week and it was a good time to have a clearout of stuff - a lot of which I didn't really need. I also have a rule that if I buy something new for the house or new shoes or clothing that I either sell or giveaway an item, sort of "one in one out".

  3. Hello Suzanne, I'm a bit like you, I have a lot of inherited items around.
    It's hard knowing what you really need.
    I do however enjoy a good clear out now and then. Sorry no tips :) x

  4. There's nothing a trip to Ikea can't solve. Otherwise, some shops have great display boxes that just get discarded once the new window displays come in. I asked a local shop for their boxes a few weeks ago, left my number, and got to take home as many as I wanted for free!


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