Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Hello and a Catch up...

Firstly, I must thank you all for your lovely comments about my bicycle.
I have such super feedback and admiring glances when I use it that I know I'm a really lucky girl to be given such a wonderful gift from Mr B.
(And yes, Mrs C I really need to look for a way to attach the vintage picnic hamper to the back as it does look so perfect!).
I have changed my mind yet again about how to decorate the kitchen - instead of a feature wall (after buying 3 different wallpapers - luckily none of them expensive), I am just going with all plain painted walls. The reason is this...
the most gorgeous fabric that I have found for the roman blinds.
I love birds but I don't love making blinds or curtains, I think though, with such beautiful fabric it's going to be a real labour of love this time.
I have been doing some research for a project I've been thinking about doing for a long time, my work colleague has convinced me to give it a go sooner rather than later - I'll keep you posted (it's going to be a steep learning curve)!
Earlier today I popped into town to have lunch with a couple of friends and came back with these
  I don't ever wear my hair up but whilst reading this book
I came across a tip to use elastic hair bands as closures, one of those things that seem so obvious that I wonder why I've not thought of it!
Our annual holiday is coming up soon and I want a portable project to take with me, inspired by an earlier project of mine (above) I have been preparing to make some mini patchwork pieces to then embroider or applique a picture on  (see here for the original post) so I'm off to cut out templates etc.
OOh, I almost forgot to show you my little charity shop haul today...
all of this for under £5 - I'm very happy!
Hope you are all having a fab week so far, what's the weather like with you? Here it is drab and grey but dry - good for getting things done!!


  1. I love the bird fabric, your blind is going to look gorgeous! Your quilting is fab too. I am looking forward to hearing about your project, sounds exciting! xx

  2. That bird fabric is beautiful. I love your little charity shop haul too, lovely things.
    M x

  3. That Garden birds print is beautiful, I am thinking of making myself a simple dress in the same. Every time I see that bike I smile and imagine biking down the street with books from the library and fresh cream cakes in the basket with a flask of peppermint tea, on my way to my favourite spot in the park to sit and have an hour to myself.

    Cant wait to here more about your project x


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