Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Project Keyring

I woke up this morning with this project on my mind, it started yesterday when I decided that I needed a key ring for my bicycle locks.
Time is limited today as I am meeting a friend for coffee shortly and working this afternoon so as soon as I got up, after my shower but before breakfast and all those morning chores, I did this
I wasn't happy with the first one (bottom) - it turned out too big and too wonky. The second one I did is the right sort of size but I still like the idea of a border to pretty it up, although I have used nice fabric on the back the front looks a bit plain to me. What do you think?
I have a few more ideas but I've run out of time. I have lots of ideas running through my head now - key rings for the shed, house, just keys, school lockers etc. I think I'll make some for the next craft fair as I love to combine printing and sewing.
Do you ever have the urge to create so badly that it takes over everything else?
I'm a firm believer in doing things whilst you are in the mood - it's just a shame that real life interferes!!
Have a great day


  1. Okay, those key rings make me wish I owned a bike just so I could have a pretty key ring.

  2. I completely understand the overpowering urge to make an idea in your head become a real object in your hands! It's so annoying how life gets in the way! I love the key ring, and likewise your other key ring ideas...the latest one only looks plain next to the one with a border, but if you look at it on its own, it's quite lovely - perhaps a patterned ribbon bit to hold the key ring, rather than just red? Can't wait to see what you do next! Chrissie x

  3. That is so clever and pretty!

    Rebecca at My Pretty Yorkshire Life. Member and owner of Yorkshire Bloggers

  4. What a great idea - the tag is big enough to be easily spotted but as it is made of fabric, will fold up and take less room in a bag and definitely be a lot lighter than many of the keyrings we find in the shops. And washable too :) Elizabeth xx

  5. What a fabulous idea - I think I actually prefer the left hand one with the fabric just on the back. Have fun creating more.

  6. Lovely idea and love the print of the bicycle


  7. Love this idea and I think I like the one with the fabric border best. So pretty and functional too.

  8. Your key rings are just lovely!
    M x


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