Monday, 25 June 2012

This 'n' That

Beautiful weather, time off work and... a throat infection! Determined to make the best of it though - who knows when we'll get the next lot of nice weather!
You may remember back in April when I came across this idea in a magazine and started collecting plates...
Well, here is my version.
Most of these plates cost 50p or less, only one cost over a pound.
Love the effect!
I must show you this fabulous tea towel given to me recently by Seaside Girl (who else?!), far too lovely to dry dishes with!
And finally, a picture of my gorgeous dogs enjoying the sunshine

Thanks for visiting. Here's hoping you too have sunshine!


  1. gorgeous plates - hope the throat infection goes soon xx

  2. What a lovely garden you have! I really like the wall of plates, it works so well - fab idea...AND a cheap one too :D
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  3. Loving the plates, they look beautiful in the garden!
    Victoria xx

  4. Love all the plates on your garden wall-they look amazing!
    So glad you liked the tea towel Suzanne-I have mine on the front of cupboard in my kitchen-it always makes me start singing the song......
    Your dogs look like they are really enjoying themselves!!
    Love Seaside Girl x

  5. Hi. catching up with your posts lol. I love your plate wall it is fab. And today I went to
    Miss Mabel's emporium---WOW I loved it ,will go back again and cakes on they own are worth the trip. xxx
    Hope you well and weather is on the good side : )

  6. I love what you've done with your plates! It's really effective. I've got a huge collection of plates, you may have given me an idea. How did you attach them to the wall? Love your teatowel too! xxx

  7. *My dog* and your dog thankyou very much!


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