Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I'd like to say a big SORRY for being a bad bloggy friend/follower.
Last week, which should have been a lovely week, with time off work and gorgeous weather, turned out to be really grotty and I was a bit of a misery guts...
Firstly, I had a throat infection. Then I had some money stolen from me. I came home one day to find the landlords of the property next door had cut back the ivy on their garage that adjoins our garden. They were perfectly within their rights, but if only they'd asked I could have cut it back without causing soooo much damage to my plants.
The worst was still to come though. They creosoted OUR fence (their side) with a sprayer! The fence is completely on our property and doesn't even touch the boundary. This caused a lot of damage to our plants and I think we will lose them all - many mature and some slow growing, plants.
As it is the old oil based creosote it has also contaminated the soil.
To say I was devastated is an understatement!!
We've contacted the landlord and had no respsonse...
After days of gloom and worry (I have two dogs) I now realise that at least it's only plants (and paving), and much as I love them it could have been people or pets that I lost.
So, sorry for being a poor blogger and swap partner and for a miserable post today. I shall return with more cheerful posts very soon.
I am enjoying catching up with your blogs today.

Thanks for visiting
(and 'listening' to my woes.)


  1. Oh Suzanne, I'm sorry to hear you've had a rotten week, hopefully things will brighten up for you this week. I'd like to know why people are so inconsiderate nowadays? They just do things without a thought for others, I would have been extremely upset too!
    Victoria xx

  2. So sorry you've had such a bad week. I don't know why but it always seems a number of things go wrong at once. I think people just don't think, especially if their not gardeners. But like you say the dogs are ok and no one is hurt. I think all bloggers have a break now and again. Like you they might be having a bad time, busy or just don't feel up to it, no need to apologize. Hope you have a lovely week this week :) Ali x

  3. Sorry that all these bad things seem to have happened all in one week-things can only get better and surely the Summer will finally arrive to put smiles on everyone's faces-at long last!
    Take care
    See you soon
    Seaside Girl x

  4. Those horrible people, what goes around comes around it will happen but in the mean time it still hurts. I do hope you start to feel better soon, smile, breathe, smile again and have a cuppa there is always a new day to start again.

    Sending you cyber hugs & love.

  5. Sorry to hear that you were under the weather, but hope you are doing better. I am also sorry to hear about your garden and I know that they are only plants but much work goes into making a garden and it brings us so much joy. I hope all goes well and not much is lost. Better days to you. Thank you for your visit too.


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