Sunday, 29 July 2012

City by the Sea

Our weekend

Saturday we visited Chichester, about 20 miles from where we live. Mr B spends all week there as it's where he works (lucky him!) but today was a just for fun visit.
We began by visiting 
I loved it and came away with a few purchases!
I could have bought more!!
Next, was a visit to Cath Kidston, where I finally used some vouchers I've had for a while. I wanted to spend them on something I really wanted and not fritter them away.
This is my gorgeous new bag.
I also did a bit of hinting to Mr B about a red spotty purse and umbrella for my up coming birthday. I'm not hopeful though!
Then it was off to
 Chichester Cathedral
where we had lunch in the Cloisters Cafe and a walk around the sculpture exhibition by Philip Jackson.
On the way out we noticed these for the first time
 (we've visited quite a few times before)
Great, aren't they?
The final visit before making our way home was to my all time favourite fabric shop, The Eternal Maker
I had no intention of buying any more fabric for dressmaking, but I fell in love with this blue fabric and couldn't resist. I'll probably make myself a top with it. The cross stitch design fabric will be incorporated into a quilt I'm planning to make.
I just loved the bunting fabric, the small scale of it appealed to me.
I also bought some ribbons (for Christmas presents so I can't share!) and some felt offcuts.
We had a lovely day strolling around the city in the sunshine.
In the evening we walked to a bridleway close to where we live and made our way onto the South Downs (we know how to live it up on a Saturday night!)
A lovely day.
Sunday (today) Youngest Boy has gone off to the Chilli Festival at nearby West Dean Gardens, and Mr B and myself are pottering and doing chores.
(Eldest Boy is still in bed!)

Thanks for visiting.
I hope you've all had (are still having) a super weekend.


  1. I love Chichester! We've not visited for a little while, love the Queen and Philip.
    Victoria xx

  2. Lovely that you & Mr B enjoyed your day out in Chichester-you certainly crammed lots in!! Love all your purchases!-look forward to seeing what you make with your fab new fabrics!
    See you soon
    Seaside Girl x


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