Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Jar of Love Swap

See that jar - do you want to see what it contained?

All of this! Forty-six items were inside the jar!
If Amanda doesn't win the prize on Katie's blog for the most items in a jar I'll be amazed. Not only did Amanda fit all these items inside the jar but also thoughtfully included  things she knew I am interested in and loved - gardening, crafts, sewing, pets etc. The star of the show though is the beautiful crocheted daffodil brooch.
Thank you Amanda - you said you wanted your first swap to be really good and it certainly was!
Take a look at Amanda's blog here
This is what I sent Amanda, nowhere near 46 items! Amanda is getting married next year so I decided to go with a love/heart theme (I do love a theme!!)
I loved putting this swap together.
Coincidentally, I also included a brooch in my jar for Amanda!
Thank you Katie for organising such a great swap, and again to Amanda for being such a great swap partner.
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  1. What lovely goodies! You have both been so thoughtful with your gifts. I hope you've enjoyed the swap, I've enjoyed having you with us. xxx

  2. definitely didn't have 46 items in my jar! She deserves an award lol!

    Lexie x

  3. 46 items in one jar is amazing. What a lovely gift to receive. The one you sent is gorgeous so much thought put into it. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x


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