Friday, 17 August 2012


I'm rather enjoying the look of my washing drying on the line today
that is, if I'm selective and don't look further along the washing line!
Oh, to have only pretty washing...



  1. Ooh I love washing on the line on a gloriously sunny day! Your bunting is on its way, hope you love it :)
    Victoria xx

  2. Love your laundry-maybe not the undies though!! I get lots of joy from seeing my laundry flapping gently the the summer breeze-in fact I LOVE it so much that I have 2 rotary driers-I've even been known to wash things just so I can have the pleasure of hanging them out to dry!!
    Let's hope for lots more super laundry weather!
    Seaside Girl x

  3. Hehe, everyone has to have a few pairs of pants and socks on their line! What pretty pillow slips thought xxx

  4. Its a creative picture. think of the inspiration that could come from that lovely washing on the line!


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