Saturday, 25 August 2012

Will you be watching?

Whilst browsing on Amazon (again!) I found this
As someone who enjoyed 'Tales from the Green Valley' and loved 'Victorian Farm' I will be, for sure. I wasn't as captivated by 'Edwardian Farm', I thought I would enjoy it most of all as I love the Edwardian style but I think it was too similar to 'Victorian Farm', and too soon.
I'm pretty certain I'm going to love this, since reading 'Carrie's War'
as a child I've had a fascination with WWII social history.
Thursday 6th September at 8pm I shall be sat in front of the TV in anticipation of a great hour of entertainment!
This reminded me of a DVD I watched a couple of years ago and really enjoyed.
'The Coal House at War' was set in Wales, several families lived as they would have done during the war years. Very entertaining - I'd like to watch it again, I think!
Will you be watching on the 6th Sept?
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  1. Ooh I love all things 1940s. Cannot wait for the wartime farm to start!
    Victoria xx

  2. Oh yes I'll definitely be watching
    Wartime Farm-I loved both Victorian & Edwardian Farm and I do have a soft spot for Alex!! Can't wait for the new series to start!
    Seaside Girl x


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