Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Advice please!

Earlier this year I was sitting in a cafe in Ditchling when I spotted this wallpaper on the walls, I found out it was a current design from Next.
I thought it would be perfect for one wall in my kitchen. Mr B went off to buy a roll from Next but pointed out it would be silly to hang it before the ceiling had been repaired (we'd had a leak from the bathroom above). After a bit of a sulk I agreed, so several months later it's still waiting to be hung.
I was happy with this wallpaper until I spotted this one!
I ordered a sample and it's even better in 'real life'.
(The colours are more vibrant)
I love the shabby look, and the way it's got some colour in it.
This is where the chosen wallpaper will be hung.
What do you think? Which one shall I go with?
I'd be grateful for your advice.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I like the next design but I think the colours in the second one would add more interest. It's an amazing design, I can't believe it's wallpaper. I actually thought it was wood when I scrolled down. Good luck with your decision.
    Ali x

  2. Go for the planky one - love it!


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