Saturday, 25 August 2012

So many candles, so little cake...

Yes, I've had a birthday!
It's not entirely true about the cake - I did have rather a lot of cake.
Youngest boy made me my cake of choice, this was a lemon buttercream sponge. Mr B and the boys gave me a birthday tea party at home. (Mother-in-law is visiting and not very steady on her feet so my birthday day out will be next week).
The boys did well and here is a picture of the table...
and styling by Youngest Boy...
There were clear themes to my presents...
Gorgeous childs wooden shoe lasts given to me by Mr B (guided by moi!).
A beautiful tin that I love, love, love (and keep gazing at and opening!) and even better, it included lots of other bits including a drop from a vintage chandelier (thank you Mrs Snippet), a custard cup (I collect) found for me by Youngest Boy and two tiny scent bottles from Eldest Boy.
For me a birthday or Christmas is not complete without new books, they are a big part of my day! Is that really sad?! In defence of the present giver who gave me the Hairy Dieters cookbook, I have to say it was at my suggestion, they were not rude enough to suggest I needed to lose a few pounds (OK, stones!), and I surely do!! Also, note the beautiful brooch handmade for me by Seaside Girl and the only perfume I ever wear.
Buttons and craft bits and bobs 
Button soap! Whether I'll be able to use this is debatable (too lovely) but it will look super displayed in a jar in the bathroom, a perfect find for me by Karen and her family. I love buttons so this and the three lots of buttons I received were a big hit. Lucky me, I received lots of crafty bits which I shall thoroughly enjoy using. I even got some Christmas papers, buttons and ribbons - you know me so well Debbie!!
Another love of mine is anything bird themed and I did well here with beautiful magnets, I am very fussy about what I put on my fridge (!) but these are perfect and I will enjoy looking at them everyday. I was also lucky enough to receive a bird garden ornament and book with a gorgeous bird design on (I am rather addicted to notebooks!).

A red spotty umbrella - red AND spots - perfect, keyring, brooch, vouchers, pin tin and hankie are all mine, mine,
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday week so special. I am so fortunate to know such lovely people who 'get' me and chose such perfect gifts.
 Thanks for visiting.
Have a lovely BH weekend if you are in the UK, and a lovely non BH weekend if you're not!




  1. Happy birthday hun, looks like you had a good one. Such beautiful presents too.

    X x

  2. Ooh happy birthday Suzanne! You got some beautiful pressies! I just bought the hairy dieters too, made a few dinners to try it out, very yummy!
    Victoria xx


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