Saturday, 25 August 2012

And the moral is...

Don't try to be a clever clogs and try to get ahead!
You may have noticed a Christmas post appearing if you are one of my followers - as my plan is to blog  every day of December until the 25th (that's 24 posts in 24 days you know!!!)  I thought I'd start in plenty of time. Of course, it backfired and I published by mistake and tried to get rid of it by deleting, only to find that it's still in the blogger listing but I've now lost the original post!!!!
I think I'll just go back to my usual last minute ways.
Apologies for mentioning the C word in August and to make up for it here is a summery picture!!
Thanks for visiting.
Will you come back if I promise not to show anymore Christmas posts until at least November? Oh please, go on....


  1. Nothing wrong with getting ahead.

    X x

  2. Oh dear Suzanne never mind, best laid plans and all that. I've not tried scheduling any blog posts yet, something I do want to do but will treat with caution following your experience.

    You can use the C word all you like, I've already got three presents ;)


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