Thursday, 16 August 2012

This week...

I am being inspired by...

Designs by French General
I just love the colours!

The grey of my recently painted bathroom walls against the white tiles, paintwork and vintage mirror

This book.
I don't drive. Years ago (like 30+!) I worked with someone who owned a Morris Traveller and fell in love (I was in my teens), I always thought that when I learned to drive this is the car I'd have. Dorothy's car was grey, I think, and she'd had it since new. I can't say this picture has inspired me to learn to drive but the colour has inspired me and it's made me think of summer picnics! And, it would look beautiful on the driveway -
 I could even paint my front door to match!!

What inspires you?
Do you have a colour you are continually drawn to?

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