Sunday, 15 July 2012

Re Found Treasures

Mr Bramble and myself have spent a bit of time trying to find an alternative title for my bric a brac posts. 'Thrifty Finds' offended some of my readers and Mr B too! Several suggestions were made by Mr B including Deceptive Trash (charming!). I think I'm happy with the above title, what do you think?
Here are some of my recent treasures...
A suitcase given to me by a friend. She brought it round to me on the way to the tip just in case I wanted it, I'm so pleased she did.
It belonged to her grandfather.
I love the way it's been repaired with a mis-matching hinge and still has her grandfather's address label on . When I thanked her my friend said "It's horrible, isn't it?" I can't agree, I'm afraid!
Here is a picture of it with my other vintage suitcases
Love it!
I've not posted about my finds recently (or anything, really!) so here are a few new-to-me things
Lots of glass. I collect custard, jelly, syllabub and sweetmeat glasses (as in first pic). I discovered them by accident a year or so ago when I was looking for something for Mr B and myself to have our Christmas mulled wine in (we are rather partial!). They weren't really suitable as they are too small and Mr B decided he'd rather have a larger glass - half pint was mentioned! So, we didn't use them for mulled wine but I did fall in love with them, they are so cute, only about 3" tall. I have quite a few now, I've never paid huge amounts for them and several only cost 50p. Sadly, they are all in storage at the moment as I need some shelves to display them on.
 The aubergine coloured candlestick in the second photo is also a bottle. Bizarre! I've wanted an Eiffel tower bottle for a while so I was chuffed to find that.
I am rather keen on these table top bookshelves. I already have three, one in storage because I don't have anywhere for it. This one had to come home with me though because the others slope towards the back and this one doesn't! You don't think that's a good reason? Oh well, I have it now...
I am really pleased with this. It wasn't a bargain but is just what I was looking for, I plan to make it into a advent calender. It needs painting so I'll add it to my pile of other things that I'm waiting for good weather to paint.
Love this basket too.

Hello and welcome to my new followers, and  hello and thanks to everyone who visits.


  1. Love you finds! I too adore vintage glass, jugs in particular but your custard glasses are gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  2. Ooooh, could find several uses for some of these myself! Isn't it great to repurpose things which other people want to dump - very reminiscent of the post-war years and pushing the little grey cells into action. Love it.
    Bet your pile of vintage suitcases would cost a fortune in some post shop in some major cities too! Keep on re-finding I say! Hugs, Buttons x

  3. So many pretty things and I love your thinking for an advent calendar :)

  4. I like your post title! :-)
    And I REALLY like that stack of suitcases!!!

  5. Love all your treasures-how wonderful to find so many gorgeous things-& also to have friends who have given you more to add to your super collection!-keep collecting-it's such fun looking!!
    Seaside Girl x


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