Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Revelation

It seems I am not a Domestic Goddess!
This will not come as a surprise to those who know me well.
Today, to celebrate myself and my two lovely colleagues working together (normally, only two of us work together at one time) and the evening session of Meet and Make, I decided to make some biscuits.
My recipe of choice was chocolate chunk pecan cookies, chosen from the BBC Good Food website.
This is how they were supposed to look
This is how mine turned out
I've renamed it chocolate and pecan goo!
Obviously, these (this?) cannot leave the house, they taste lovely and will be consumed but don't look pretty.
Although I had the ingredients to try again I did not want to be left with the equivalent of 24 biscuits waiting to be eaten if it went wrong again!
I sort of made the next recipe up, a basic biscuit dough with hazelnuts, cranberries and chocolate chips. They look better and don't fall apart (I can't face eating one at the moment!)
Here they are in the tins waiting to be eaten by
1. Home - the broken, overcooked ones
2. Work - 2 each for my colleagues and one for me
3. Meet and Makers
Fingers crossed they taste OK!
Can any of you clever people tell me what I did wrong? I wondered if maybe the butter was too soft?
Before I go I must show you the gorgeous bag I'm using to take my bits to work at the moment.
(click on the pic to see it in more detail)
It was a 'just because' gift from the lovely Lunch Lady Jan. Look at the beautiful fabric, lining and pink spotty buttons! I love it and this weather is perfect for using it as the colours are so bright and summery.
Thankyou very much XXX

As always, thanks for visiting.


  1. Oh you really made me laugh I thought the first stack of cookies were yours, I was so impressed. I alway make Nigella's Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies and last week I bought different cocoa powder and they turned out hard. Love the bag it's so pretty. Ali x

  2. I think all manner of things can affect baking - ovens, ingredients, the weather :) my motto is if they taste delicious it doesn't really matter what they look like :)
    Victoria xx

  3. Sometimes it can be as simple as your oven cooking at a slightly different temperature/rate to theirs, but you do realise they will have made hundreds and picked the most perfect ones for their display! In fact, I saw a programme about cookery photography once and it so put me off - sometimes the food is undercooked/raw or even blasted on the outside with a blowtorch just so it looks right. They don't dare eat the results!! If yours taste great who cares? My eldest put mixed herbs instead of mixed spice in his rock cakes this week!!! but they still tasted great, if a little unusual. Hugs, Buttons x

  4. Your biscuits were very yummy!-thankyou-really enjoyed our evening M&M session-feels different to our Friday mornings!!
    Have a fabulous weekend
    Seaside Girl


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