Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fancy a walk around the garden?

The sun is shining at last, the sky is blue, it's a little bit chilly and still windy. However, I have managed to spend a bit of time working in the garden this weekend. Would you care to look around?
This is the view you get walking out of the back door.
Turn right...
we are going in a clockwise direction!
This weekend I (with Mr. B's help) have re potted the mature jasmine and winter flowering clematis into this half barrel, the previous one fell apart!
Round the corner to the shed door...
bit messy, could be worse!
I forgot to take a photo of the border to the right of the door it seems!
Shall we go through here instead?
It leads to...
the second seating area, such a grand title for such a tiny space!
Mr Bramble REALLY dislikes this mirror and was rather cross when I attatched it to his shed (yes, we have his and hers sheds!).
The storage/dumping area.
We are still going in a clockwise direction and are now leaving the second seating area (!!)
The rose (Albertine) covered this fence last year. I had to cut it back though as it was so heavy it was pulling the fence down.
A quick look back...
Can you see the bunting on the washing line? I had this idea today!
And heading back inside...
A small but much loved garden!
I hope you all had some sunshine this weekend.


  1. Gorgeous garden Suzanne!
    Victoria xx

  2. Thank you for the guided tour of your very lovely garden-it's really gorgeous! Love the his & her sheds-essential for a long & happy marriage!1
    Enjoy the sunshine
    Seaside Girl


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