Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WOYWW - What's On Your Desk Wednesday 151

Blogger won't let me upload the picture of my (very, very) tidy desk!

Not much on my desk today anyway, I've not been in a crafting mood the last few days. I tidied my desk at the weekend to put off doing a dressmaking task I knew was going to be fiddly (and I was right - I had to unpick three times before I was satisfied!!)

These are the only two photos Blogger will let me upload today!
The thing I get the most comments about are these tiny shelves, they are thimble display units that I've painted, and are just the right size for my vintage cotton reels. I have several more (unpainted) storing more vintage cotton reels in my Craft Cupboard(!).
Sorry it's not a very picture friendly post, I'd love to have shown you my tidied desk (it won't be like that next week!!).

I'm having a giveaway this week, the book Thrifty Chic.
If you'd like to enter see the previous post.
I'll post outside the UK, so don't let living outside of the UK put you off!
Thanks for visiting and to everyone who visited and left a comment last week.
I love WOYWW, it's such great fun snooping around everyone's work spaces. If you'd like to join in the snoop visit here, you won't be disappointed!



  1. Those shelves are so cute! Love them. Take care & enjoy WOYWW. Zo xx 77

  2. is your desk really tidy?

    love the photos you did manage o load, vintage cotton reels are so lovely compared to today's cardboard/plastic ones,

    dx @98

  3. I love the little house shaped shelving unit, its gorgeous :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx #75

  4. cute little house, adore it i am showing cardmaking rather than sewing this week
    thank you for the look around your crafting space today

    vicky #104 woyww
    Ps I also have saturated canary candy on my blog

  5. Blogger was being annoying for me yesterday! I love your thimble display units, hoping to find one myself soon x

  6. I love the vintage spools of cotton and the shadow boxes please don't stop posting about them. Oh and where is your desk? LOL

    Eliza #26

  7. WOW!!! What a beautiful house its fabulous love all the elements.... great job... Hugs May x x x No10

  8. pleased that you have been able to show a close up as always like to see them as so cute
    have a crafty week and
    happy woyww
    kay #98

  9. I still love those shelves - thanks for the close up!! I would love to enter the giveaway (don't know if I left the last request in the right place!)
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

  10. I will use my imagination to picture your tidy desk then! ;) I love the itty bitty shelves. Happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #100

  11. well I for one thing blogger knew you were fibbing and it's a real heap of a mess!! (Like mine is out of camera shot!) LOVE those little shelves and so well worth a picture of their own! Thank you for my snoop! Have a lovely crafty week! Happy WOYWW!
    Late this week! #102

  12. Well how generous of you. And I know it's frustrating, specially if your desk is tidy (I'll take your word for it!)...but I can happily gaze at the shiny cotton reels, I just love the display you've made of them.

  13. I adore your little shelves and all the cute bits and bobs you've filled them with! :-)

  14. Well, those cute little vintage spools definitely look all tidy....


  15. I have to wonder, will Blogger not let you upload the photo of your tidy desk because perhaps it thinks it is not you? I used to have a little house nook box like the one you have shown. I used to have a lot of little shelves and knick knacks but have passed them up for crafting and stamping stuff nowadays. The thimble nook box is too cool. Now that you've said what is was, of course that is what you would put in such small spaces!

  16. It's my first time on your blog and I love the quilt background! The thread display is a cute idea! Too bad we can't see your table.


  17. Your little shelves are beautiful and show off your treasures perfectly.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #74

  18. I am also battling with the new Blogger! Love your little shelves.
    Happy belated WOYWW


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