Monday, 7 May 2012

A taste of Summer...

I do my food shopping online and occassionally (OK, quite often!) make mistakes. The best one was when I ordered a HUGE bar of chocolate thinking it was a standard size, the most ridiculous was when I ordered one carrot! This weeks mistake is this...
(I thought it was ice cream)
I made the best of it and made this...
A strawberry and cream sponge. Yum.

It's been another wet and dreary day here in Worthing, it did brighten up for a bit mid afternoon. I've been listing some items for selling on ebay, a job I really hate - it takes soooo long!
For years I've collected Emma Bridgewater Pottery. The time feels right to downsize my collection and just keep the bits I use, received as gifts or just really love. Although I use some on a daily basis, most of it is stored.
Hope I don't regret it at a later date!

Thanks for visiting.
I hope those of you in the UK had a great BH weekend.


  1. How funny!-cake looks very tasty-hope the boys appreciated your hard work!?
    Long weekend over in a flash!
    See you soon
    Love Jane x

  2. Well, that cake looks better than ice-cream! So I say some mistakes are okay to make!!! ;-)


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