Monday, 4 March 2013

My Crafty Weekend

I had a more successful weekend of crafting than last weekend, I managed to master the loose cover for a notebook, still not perfect but OK
I also made a (rustic) brooch which I rather like
but I'm not sure if the raw edges and wonky sewing would put people off if I were to sell it at the craft fair.
What do you think?
I also worked on a project for a friends birthday using these fabrics
I'm off to town now to catch up with a friend I've not seen for a while, the sun is shining and I'm looking forward to the walk there.
I hope you had a lovely weekend and have sunshine where you are!


  1. Love the fruits of your crafty weekend Mrs B-have a great time in town and enjoy this gloriously sunny but chilly day-my washing is flapping on the line you'll be pleased to know!!
    See you soon
    Seaside Girl x

  2. Lovely! I think they'd sell well at a fair. Glad you had a crafty weekend! :-)

  3. I love your little brooch, very pretty. I enjoyed your little review of the Selina Lake book below too, it looks lovely.
    M xxxx

  4. Great stitching projects. You're never quite sure what will sell but they are certainly worth trying at Craft Fayres - good luck and have faith in your handiwork.

  5. Love your heart brooch - raw edges are what makes it quirky, hand crafted and original. Thank you for stopping by my blog - I think we all need to plant snowdrops for next spring x


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