Monday, 7 October 2013


How are you?
Have you been watching Strictly Come Dancing if you are in the UK? I have to say I've not watched much of the previous couple of series, mainly just dipping in at the end. However, this series will be different and all because of this hairy man
Hairy Biker Dave Myers
I am a huge fan of the HBs. They both seem like such lovely chappies and are very funny (and their cooking's pretty good too!) I didn't watch Dave's first appearance but I believe it was something else. Nor did I watch the results show last night but was relieved, but not surprised with that personality, to find he is still around.
Who do you watch it for?
Or maybe you just watch it for the dancing?!
Friday found me coming home from work early feeling poorly and I've been pretty much the same all weekend (there are a lot of bugs around at the moment, aren't there?). Disappointing, as I had big plans for things to make for the upcoming craft fair.
I did do a bit of hand sewing and made this
What do you think of it? I'm not 100% sure, if I'm honest...
(Youngest Boy, whose opinion I always seek likes it) 
I made this a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday just sewed the buttons on.
As always happens to me in the run up to a craft fair, I am losing confidence in my makes. Silly really, because the worst that will happen is that I won't sell anything and that really will not be the end of the world!
Have a wonderful week
(Aren't we having fab weather in the UK?)
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  1. Oh I hope you haven't got the awful cold that's going around it seems to hang on forever. I hope you feel better soon. I have to admit I'm not a strictly watcher but I do like the HBs. As for your creative makes I think they're both gorgeous. Your son has such good taste. I think the fabric for the Christmas one is lovely and the lady looks wonderful holding her pressie. Take care of you.
    Ali x

  2. Hi Suzanne, I just love your makes. I'll come back for another longer browse of your blog. Thank you for becoming one of my followers. I'm sure you'll have some great sales at your craft fair.
    Love from Mum
    PS I've been good - most of the year!!!

  3. Whatever you do, don't lose confidence in your fabulous makes. The bag is gorgeous and I love your cushion covers and badges in a previous post. Youngest boy is right about that little notice you've made. I'm sure the craft fair will go very well. xx

  4. Sorry to hear your feeling unwell hope you feel better soon. My daughter and I are watching strictly this year we are enjoying it far...we like Dave he's very funny x

  5. Sorry to hear your feeling unwell hope that you feel better very soon. My daughter and I have been watching strictly this year, we like Dave too he's very funny x

  6. Both your makes are just lovely! I haven't been watching strictly this year but I do like the hairy bikers.
    Marianne x

  7. I keep meaning to catch up on SCD but I'm currently working my way through Downton. I miss live SCD, being in Canada now.
    Sorry to hear you're suffering, dose yourself up with some lemon tea and the iplayer .. that should do it :)
    Thanks for popping over, lovely to meet you!

  8. I am a bit of an avid Strictly watcher - and Dave's first performance was just...unique (?!)! It's going to be a funny year this year I think!

    I think your makes are lovely - stay positive!
    Hope you feel better soon,

    K x

  9. Apologies for not responding to your blog love...only just found your comment...lost in space! Love your crafty makes, especially the don't look back, I shall be following you. xx


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