Wednesday, 13 November 2013

So Much to Do, So Little Time...

Why is it that, even though I know way in advance that a craft fair is approaching and seem to spend hours making things, I'm always frantically rushing to catch up in the weeks beforehand?!
As usual, there are going to be things that I wanted to do but have run out of time - embroidery pictures, button jars, lavender pillows, postcards, printed greetings cards.....etc.
Fortunately, another fair will be here sooner than I think!
I want to share with you a Christmas envelope from the swap organised by the talented Pen. I forgot to photograph mine before sending it off, if you're interested you can see it here. I doubt I could have photographed it as beautifully as Pen anyway!
And here is what I received
I love it and it will certainly be on display come Christmas, something else seemed to have sneaked into the envelope too - thank you Pen. I so enjoyed this swap! All of the envelopes were wonderful, well worth a look.
Well, off to do more hand sewing. I thought I'd cracked it by borrowing this DVD from the library to watch whilst sewing
and, as much as I loved it, it didn't turn out to be a well thought out choice as it's in french with subtitles and I was so engrossed that didn't get a lot of sewing done!
Have you seen it?
Thanks for visiting, and to all my followers new and old.
I'll be back soon.


  1. The envelope swap sounds like a lot of fun! I had a peek to look at all the envelopes, and they're so cute & creative. I've been keeping an eye out for swaps, but haven't come across any in the blogs that I follow, and now I think most have already started/finished for Christmas. Hope you have a good time at the craft fair and share some photos of the crafting that did get done! Wendy x

  2. Oh I'm with you on the too little time! I have so many terrific gift ideas in my head, but if I manage to get even one created it will be a miracle...I think I'll start in January next year! Chrissie x

  3. Hi there, hope you get all your bits and bobs done for the craft fair.I wanted to do much fo a craft stall but no time to make enough things, so I feel for you.I have not heard of the film your watching but looks good, might have to watch it.Lastly im so happy to be paired with you for the decoration swap xx

  4. Yikes, I know that overwhelmed feeling, sure it'll all come together, such pretty, festive envelopes. The series did tempt me, but I'm afraid I was put off by the thought of reading all those subtitles :) xx

  5. Good luck with your stocking up for your craft fair. I am going to do my first one next week. So I'm hoping I can guess how much stock I will need just to make the table look good. Oh films with subtitles are no good for sewing. I need something that's demands very little attention when I'm sewing. Love your envelope. I thought this was a great swap.
    Ali x

  6. Thanks for joining in my swap Suzanne :) I did watch the Returned and was thoroughly engrossed, the young boy did creep me out a bit, I know it's back for a 2nd series, can't wait. xxxxxxxxx

  7. Hi Suzanne
    Sorry I didn't get to your craft fair - I've got the lurgy - probably picked it up at nursery!
    Hope it went well.

  8. Ooh, that series looks really good! I must see if my library has it...


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