Friday, 4 April 2014

Nearly There...

The Spring fair I am organising is tomorrow and I've had to accept that some things won't be making their way to the fair - kitchen candles (again - and I SO want to do these), lavender pooches and owls, embroidery art etc etc.!
This is a small selection of what I will be taking

This is the first fair I've organised alone (although I have had a lot of support and help from friends and family) and it's rather taken over my life, especially as I'm trying to embrace Facebook - a challenge that seems to be working though!
Wish me luck!
I'm looking forward to re joining you and your blogs after the fair.


  1. Good luck for the craft fayre - hoping you sell lots.

  2. I hope that it goes really well for you and that you make lots of sales and have lots of fun! xx

  3. Good luck for your fair! Organising one is always stressful... but rewarding and enjoyable :)

  4. Hope the fair went well! The things you made are lovely.
    Marianne x

  5. Well done to you doing a craft fair, I still have not got round to doing one my self.You have made some amazing things, hope you sell lots and have a lovely day x

  6. ooh lots of cool stuff! I hope your Fair went well today - I am sure it did! xx

  7. I really hope the fair went really well. Your bunnies look wonderful. I expect you've got your feet up tonight. Take care.
    Ali xx

  8. I absolutely love the rabbits! Something a bit different and more decorative than a normal lavender bag :) Did you take photos at your fair? Please share them if you did! :)

  9. I love these gorgeous rabbits! Joy x


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