Wednesday, 7 May 2014

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Hello All,
How are you?
 I'm recovering from yet another stinky cold - I've never had a year like it for colds!!
Yet again I am playing catch up with blogland...

Someone said to me very recently that there's no point making pincushions to sell as people only ever use one pincushion.
I must be the odd one out then because I LOVE pincushions and actually have several - and I use them all!

This one is vintage and an Ebay buy, bought on a whim because I'm rather fond of seagulls. I must admit to not using this one much as it's really difficult to get the pins into.

I made this one several years ago. I saw the egg cup in a vintage shop with it's gorgeous cross stitch pattern and knew immediately what I'd do with it. I use this a lot - it's a great portable pincushion.

A bought pincushion from Cath Kidston, good to look at but not very practical as it's very lightweight and keeps falling over. I may actually get rid of this one...

This fab strawberry pincushion was a handmade gift a couple of years ago. It's really useful and hangs from the lamp on my sewing table.

A handmade (by me) pincushion - good because of it's small size, it fits nicely into my sewing box. And it means I can keep a bit of the fab green floral fabric that I love and look at it often.

Paul, as this pincushion is called (I know he's got pastel floral buttons but he's in touch with his feminine side), is currently my favourite. He's not truly a pincushion but a (rejected) lavender bunny that I managed to poke a hole in when turning through. He hangs usefully from my sewing machine and I love his happy, friendly face. He says he's happy to be useful and it doesn't hurt a bit having pins stuck in him, he rather likes the smell of lavender anyway!

And of course, Penelope who I introduced you to in a previous post...

Finally, here are my first two pincushion people that I've made to sell.
 I'm going to try selling them on Etsy (I've had a shop for a couple of years but have never listed anything!), if I ever get around to listing them that is!

Do you have more than one pincushion, or one that you always use?
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  1. So glad it's not just me who loves a pin cushion, always looking for a quirky receptacle to stuff! Your ladies look ready for action. xx

    1. It becomes a bit addictive, doesn't it?!! X

  2. Sorry to hear about your cold - I hope that it is all gone soon and that you don't have any more! I have several pin cushions, and also a tin with loads of pins in - my pin tin! - and use all of them in different ways at different times. I also have a crochet flower on a string that I can tie to the handle of my crochet basket to poke my needle into when I am sewing in ends! You are not strange having more than one pin cushion, and in any case, what about people who don't have one yet!! I hope that they sell well for you. xx

    1. Good point, some people won't have even one! I'm just thinking along the lines that I love making them whether people want them or not! XX

  3. No Suzanne your not odd. I have two I use on a regular basis and the other day decided I really could do with another one. I really like Paul the pincushion which hangs from your machine and the seagull with the basket is very unusual. Good luck with Etsy.
    Ali xx

    1. Paul is adorable! I listed them on Etsy but of course there are thousands of pincushions listed so I'm not overly hopeful. xx

  4. Oh I do like all of your pincushions, my favourite being the ones you made.I think you should put them in your shop to sell.I have one pincushion but think they are definitely fun things to have have, so one two or three is ok x

    1. Thank you Joy. I've listed them so fingers crossed! I agree pincushions are fun. XX

    2. What is your Etsy shop called?

  5. Oh yes, I do like your pincushions Suzanne, and wish you well with sales - when you manage to list them, that is x! I used to be in the habit of using the clip on the wrist variety but now my pins are longer and I'm rather tired of sticking them right through - ouch - so am enjoying the type that sit on my sewing table or wherever I happen to be sewing! It's my opinion that they are a necessary commodity!
    I do hope you are soon clear of colds - sounds like your immunity could do with a big boost? Take good care of yourself, hugs, Joy xo

  6. Thank you Joy for your lovely comments. I agree life is too short to keep stabbing yourself with pins, and as you say they are a necessary commodity - any excuse to buy more!! Have a lovely weekend XXX


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