Monday, 29 April 2013

The Wanderer Returns!

Remember me?
Weeks of illness followed by frantically trying to catch up with preparations for the craft fair mean I've not been around for soooo long.
And, I've missed my little blog and seeing what everyone is up to.
It was all worth it, the sun shone (thank you Emma for the sun dance!) and we had many lovely customers and a really, really super bunch of stallholders.
I actually don't know what to do with myself now! I've spent so long making banners, signs and things to sell. Maybe, I'll make something for me...
Here is a picture of my stall
with two of the banners in the background.
And the tea room sign I made
I also made this welcome sign
and loved doing it all but it did take up a lot of my time!
I'm planning to catch up with all your news so expect lots of comments from me on your blogs!


  1. The banners and your craft stall look fantastic. I hope you were able to sell lots of your lovely crafting.

  2. You're back! :) Hehe you are welcome for the dance, i'm so glad the fair went well. They are always so much work but I bet it feels like time well spent. Hope you're enjoying a well deserved rest now :) x

  3. Glad your craft fair went well. Yes, you will have to make something just for you now...
    M x

  4. I've been very out of touch with blog land and just returning and loving the catch up with super blogs. Yours looks fantastic, really laid out well. Love the patchwork on your last post in particular xxxx

  5. I'm glad the fair went well. It all looks so pretty! I'm sure your fellow stallholders were grateful to have your pretty banners becorating the place! :-)

  6. So sorry to hear you were under the weather. Glad your feeling better. Your table looks wonderful. Great banners, very Spring and happy.
    Bobbie Lynn

  7. I'm so glad your back wasn't that flu horrendous. Your stall looks so pretty and it was definitely worth the time you spent on the signs they're gorgeous. I hope you get to make something for yourself soon.
    Ali x


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