Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dear Seasalt Clothing...

I have just found this blog post from last week in my drafts - must have forgotten to publish it!
Will you please give me a break and stop producing such great clothing and designing such gorgeous prints!
I actually don't spend an awful lot on clothes, but I really find this company hard to resist. The postman loves to tell me that I have a "lovely delivery from Cornwall" whenever I have a delivery from Seasalt.
 Mostly, I buy their A line skirts but today's delivery is this
a summer mac, bought with my profit from the craft fair. I suppose I'll be the only one wanting a bit of rain in the Summer!
Alternatively, it could stay chilly so that I can continue to wear my much loved Seasalt winter coat and corduroy dresses!
Do you have a clothing range that you keep going back to?


  1. Oh Suzanne I love the jacket but I'm sorry I don't want any rain.
    I'd look forward to winter with your lovely coat. I think I might have to check out Seasalt.
    Ali x

  2. I can see why you get carried away with Seasalt! I never really see any clothes I like over here in Germany, so I'm not tempted to buy that often. BUT, whenever we're back in the UK..... ;-)

  3. Oh I love your new raincoat, so bright and fresh!
    M x

  4. Thank you for recommending Seasalt Suzanne. what a lovely selection of items they have. I love your winter coat. I'm afraid I remain 'woman at M & S', I could spend a day at Holmbush!!

  5. I really like your Winter coat, I've been wanting one myself but can't decide on whether to try and make one myself or buy a ready made one.

  6. Hello sweet Suzanne! My middle name is Suzanne! Thank you so much for visiting me. I am so glad you found me through our sweet friend Carly. Her blog is one of my favorites too! I love your gorgeous clothing and got tickled at what the postman told you! That is such a great tag line for that company! I especially love your winter coat! I love April Cornell, but haven't ordered from her in a long time. I must do that! Have a great weekend sweetie! Love, Paula xo


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