Sunday, 2 March 2014

She's Been A Wandering Again.... (or Unfinished)

Can it really be over a month since I last blogged? And I've had so much to blog about too - so many lovely vintage finds and gifts, breakfasts at Bill's, days out, catch ups with friends (and even a night away with Mr B) and new friends of the four legged variety to fall in love with. So many photographs taken with the intention of sharing!

What I haven't done a lot of is making things. Oh, I've started OK but finishing is another matter! 

(in an attempt to use some of my huge amount of fabric)
I've enjoyed making the bags bit but I'm putting off making the handles - a bit of a boring job for me.

Started well but just lost enthusiasm

Sewing project bag
Used my favourite fabric (the cross stitch one), enjoyed choosing the fabrics but again, fell at the last hurdle (handles).

Quilt as you go cushion
Will probably never finish this, love the fabric but it doesn't go with anything in my house plus, it's a bit puffy for my liking!

This is to decorate the craft fair venue not to sell. I actually have a good reason this isn't finished - I need to measure the space.

There's probably even more that I've forgotten about and will stumble upon one day....

How is your making going at the moment?

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  1. Sounds all good for you Susanne. I like your projects and those cards are adorable. Lovely fabrics you are using. Can't wait to see what kind of handles you will be using for your bags.
    A lot of crafting for me and loving it. Hope to get a few more cards done before the real garden season starts for me. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks Bobbie Lynn - I have finished some of the bags now. Have fun with your gardening - can't wait to see your fabulous garden posts. xXx

  2. Glad to see your back. I disappeared from blogland for a while. Finally found my mojo and am glad to be back. You've got some lovely projects there. I love the card designs. Like you I have loads of stuff that I just never finish, probably every crafters story :) At the moment I've entered a contest with Hillary blinds to make something from their fabric. Hopefully I will post on that this week. Take care.
    Ali xx

    1. Good luck with the contest Ali. I'm not getting as much time to visit blog land as I'd like at the moment sadly. It seems such a waste to not finish things, doesn't it? But, I get bored easily and I'm always itching to get on to my next idea!! xXx

  3. Wow! You've been busy! So good to hear from you - and what beautiful things you've been making! Love all those fabrics, the bags are super! Chrissie x

    1. Thanks chrissie - I've missed catching up with blog land! Pleased to say some of the bags have been finished. xXx

  4. All your projects you have started are brilliant.I also know how you feel when you just cannot get into something because your not in the mood creatively. I always come back to projects when im in the mood otherwise if I keep at something im more likely to bin it.Hope you find your mojo soon x

    1. You're so right something I've learned is to stop if I'm not in the mood, or things are going wrong. If I'm not happy with something it's going to get scrapped anyway! xXx

  5. Your 'making' is coming on a treat. Love the cards. I'm knitting socks at the moment but I have to keep pulling back as the pattern had a mistake in it and then I made mistakes! I'm still knitting though.
    Love from Mum

    1. How annoying that you can't rely on the pattern to be correct! Well done for carrying on, if it was me I'd have given up by now!! xXx

  6. Hi Suzanne, s nice to meet you. Thanks for following my blog. I just started following you too. Bobbie Lynn is the sweetest. Can't wait to look around your blog.
    Happy Easter.


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