Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hello, anyone there?!

I'm a little late. The idea was to start the blog at the beginning of the year, and record my goal of completing at least one project each week.

The rushed one

Project one was rather rushed, I made a pillowcase. I like to read in bed and as we have a metal framed bed it's uncomfortable so an extra pillow is required for comfort! I used some yellow fabric from Kokka (I think) bought from my favourite fabric shop, the Eternal Maker in Chichester. I originally bought just half a metre but loved it so much I then bought another half metre. The red spotty fabric is a cotton lawn from a local fabric shop. I originally bought it as backing for a patchwork throw, but instead have used it for lots of different projects. I'll be lost when I've finished it. I have enough fabric cut ready to make another pillowcase - a project for another day, I'm not great at making things more than once!

The unfinished one

This project was started in plenty of time but NOT finished! Inspired by the talented Helen Chilton of A splash of colour blog  I decided to be super-organised and make my husband a picture block using vintage paper and (rubber?) stamps for Valentine's day. I'm new to this craft and it's not quite finished because it just doesn't look right, I need advice and/or inspiration!

Project three is planned and will hopefully be completed by the end of Saturday.

Thanks for reading this,my very first, post! I'd love to share my crafting (and blogging) journey with you and I look forward to finding out what everyone else out there is creating.

See you soon.


  1. Good Luck with your project. I'll be back soon to check how you are getting along. G

  2. Rushed, but none-the-less great! Good Luck!


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