Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A bit of fun and a Christmas make

I found this great print whilst browsing on Etsy - love the colours and the words (Mr B's comment when I showed it to him was "you don't even do it every 6 months" - RUDE!). I may have to purchase!!
Stop reading now if you're not ready for Christmas projects.
I made this patchwork cushion cover as a prototype for a possible craft fair make. Unfortunately, it won't be cost effective to make for the price I could sell it for. I'll probably have to keep it for myself. Shame, that....
It's Tuesday, it's 8 o'clock  & time for the Great British Bake Off - Mr B should be back from his guitar lesson any minute having stopped off on his way home to buy our dessert - yum!
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  1. Gorgeous cushion! You are quite right to keep it for yourself...
    Marianne x

  2. Love the cushion, it will look so festive at Christmas time! Hope you enjoyed the Bake-Off this evening, I'm craving sweet buns for breakfast now... Chrissie x

  3. Beautiful fabric - especially the print with the bird on it. Shame you have to keep it for yourself :)) The print is great too ... if only we could leave the housework for 6 months, I'd be a very happy teddy :) Elizabeth x

  4. I love your cushion and the fabrics you used, they're so pretty.

  5. LOVE the Christmas cushion!!! I'm very excited about Christmas crafting!!! :-)

  6. Ooh Christmassy stuff...how exciting! I love the cushion :)

  7. LOL, I love that. . . six months later :)


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