Monday, 30 September 2013

Weekend Makes

how was your weekend?
I worked on Saturday and on Sunday felt like having a day at home. Mr B took himself off to an exhibition, Youngest Boy was staying at his cousins and Eldest Boy was sleeping a party off (!!) which meant I was able to indulge myself by spending the day making things.
And I was in a festive mood by the time I'd finished, because this is what I made for selling at the craft fair on the 16th November (yikes!!).
Badges, good for stocking fillers I thought!
Christmas cards with badge
Christmas card with brooch
Christmas spice scented sachets
 I made these last week but didn't get around to photographing them,
lavender bags.
 I actually like these much more than I thought I would, which is just as well as I made a silly mistake on one (twisted ribbon) so I'm more than happy to keep it!
On Friday evening I made a cover for my Christmas cushion cover!!
The trouble with the Christmas one is that it's too early to put out but I have nowhere to store it until Christmas.
Some time ago I bought this fabric (I have a passion for anything with deer on as well as birds) with the intention of making a cushion cover but just didn't get around to it. I have masses of it left and am now thinking of making myself a bag with it too!
(Excuse all the pins, everything is waiting to be finished by hand.)
Have you started your Christmas making yet?
And finally for those of you who, like me, love magazines and Christmas, the Ideal Home Christmas magazine is out on Wednesday - yippee!
Have a fab week and thanks for visiting, and welcome to my new followers.


  1. i love every single piece :) the badges might be my favourite though, they really are the perfect stocking fillers! i had a lazy weekend but i think i need to get busy with my crochet blanket, its getting chilly!

  2. What a beautiful variety of gifts...I love the Christmas spice sachets, such a great idea! And the badges, with their little stamped cards, so sweet! Chrissie x

  3. They are all gorgeous! I have a fair the weekend of 22nd Nov and I nearly had a panic the other night when I realised how close it is, now I have a list which always makes me feel better!

  4. Oh I love all the Christmassy stuff... your badges are so cute :)

  5. I always buy ideal home Christmas special I really enjoy that festive ritual.
    I love your boughs of holly card design...really lovely.
    I always love seeing what amazing things your making x

  6. Dear Suzanne, Your booth is going to be wonderful :)
    I love the little badges, they are adorable.
    I just saw Christmas trees in the stores the other day . . . it starts a little bit earlier every year. Really the end of September . . .that is too soon, right?
    Stay happy.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. I love all your makes especially the badges, they're so pretty. I've been making Christmas stuff for a crafts fair also Nov. 16th for fund raising. I wonder if it's the same fair, mine's in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.

  8. Oh you have been busy and all the things you have made are just lovely. I particularly like the badges and sachets.
    M x

  9. Wow, are you organised! I am just about to start my fall sewing, having neglected my machine all summer.

  10. Hi Suzanne
    you have made some fantastic Christmas gifts here they really look amazing

  11. Well, I love the Christmas makes (of course)! And (also of course) I've started on some Christmas makes too!!!

  12. All your makes are gorgeous Mrs Bramble-love them!
    Can't wait for the Craft Fairs!!
    Seaside Girl x

  13. Hi Suzanne, those lavender bags are lovely! I'm busy crafting for christmas too now :) I've just become your 100th follower. Have a great day! xoxo


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