Thursday, 26 September 2013

New books

The postman brought me two new books today, both pre orders from that big online book (& everything else) store. I am seriously limiting my book buying but I really can't resist a Christmas craft or cookery book!
The Mary Berry one has some terrific recipes in it and is beautifully photographed. It's quite likely this will be my first make from the book
and I don't think I'll be waiting until Christmas!
Once I'd got past the fact that the Kirstie Allsopp book has a very dated (retro) look, which I personally am not keen on, I found it has some good projects. Nothing new in it if you've been crafting for a while but good for flicking through for inspiration.
I also borrowed the book below from the library, good projects and pictures.
While I'm on the subject of books, is it just me or is this pointless?
Why not just have a bookcase?!
Look at this great notebook that comes free with Ideal Home magazine this month. I love notebooks and I'm rather taken with this design.
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  1. Lovely blog you have here. That notebook is going to be mine very shortly. That is so cute. Glad to see someone else has to be very strict with their book buying too. Clare x

  2. Your comments on your books are spot on! I think that orange cake could be rather autumnal, couldn't it? Surely no need to wait for Christmas...and I giggled when I read your comment on be wallpaper, I thought the exact same thing when I first saw it! Silly! Chrissie x

  3. Oh I didn't know Kirstie had a new book out! Must look out for that one. I adore buying craft and cookery books too and have to reign myself in at times!
    M x

  4. Look forward to hearing the outcome of your first baking from Mary Berry's book - happy reading and baking.

    A bit of an extravagance for the wallpaper - I guess there are some people who would buy it though!

  5. I'm like you, I love books and especially magazines. You have been very busy in your craft room. Love the Christmas pillow and I like the idea that you did on the holly leaves. I need to look at my stamps to see which ones I can use on felt. Happy reading.

  6. books , would fill the house if I could and don't get me started on magazine. I also love reading posts on books as well so thank you.....

  7. Hello Suzanne, I am so happy to meet you and I must say that your blog is delightful. The cover photo on the book that you borrowed from the library is so inspiring. I love those folk hooks. I guess its time to pay our library a visit :) Thank you so much for following my blog . . . it brought me here and now I'm following you, too. You meet the nicest people in blog-land :)
    Have a glorious day.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  8. Great reviews, I saw the Kirstie Book online and was wondering whether to treat myself but I did find the Vintage Home one a bit disappointing. Agree about the wallpaper!!

  9. The Mary Berry book looks fantastic, I really would like to get into the kitchen more and this looks like the perfect book to use! Have you tried the cake yet? :) I'll be honest, I have been too taken by Kirstie's shows and books as of late. I got the vintage home edition for christmas last year and haven't spent to long looking through it never mind making things from it. Maybe this christmas series will be better if she makes one? We shall see :) x

  10. Hello Suzanne, than, you so much for following me, and I'd love to return the compliment!

  11. I haven't seen the new Kirsty book, I'm a bit torn on her, have to see if I can find one to flick through. Love the look of that cake :) xx


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