Sunday, 12 February 2012

Meet and Make - this (last) week and week six project

(Late again!)
We were lucky enough to have two sessions this week. About once a month we have an evening session. Unfortunately, my camera was playing up on both days so I've not got many photos.
Here are the few that I managed to get!

Kerry and our new member Alham and Alham's adorable son. He had great fun playing with the buttons just like I used to do at my Nan's when I was his age.

Trish and Ruby at the evening session
Trish is covering six  kitchen chair seats, here Ruby is helping her with one of them.

Linda is only able to come to the evening sessions. Here is her first patchwork piece,she's hand sewn it all and now has to quilt it and make it into a cushion.

Jess has finished her hand sewn patchwork quilt top. It has taken her seven years to get to this stage. I am full of admiration, I wouldn't have the patience myself!

Sadly, that is just about it apart from this one
Trish has finished copying her mother's needlebook. Her mother died in 1982 so the original certainly has some age to it. Trish stuck to the same colourway and says the hardest part was cutting the flowers. Don't you think she has made a lovely copy? I especially love the thimble bucket.

Thanks to all the Meet and Makers and welcome to our two new members, Alham and Liz (and of course Alham's son)

Week six project
The failed one

This was supposed to be my project for week six, the fabric was cut and the layout planned then I hurt my shoulder and am unable to use my sewing machine. It will be a new throw for the sofa eventually.

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