Thursday, 9 February 2012

Needles and pins

Being short (4' 10") and round I've always found clothes buying a challenge. For a long time I have wanted to do a dressmaking course so that I can make my own, or alter shop bought clothes. There was always a reason I couldn't do the course, my children were too young, I was working... Last summer I actually signed up for a course, I was SO excited! I went out and bought fabric (no hardship) and patterns and dreamed of all the garments I could make.

Shortly afterwards there was a letter, the course was full. I was so disappointed. I was added to the waiting list but didn't hold out much hope.
A week or so ago I received a letter, there are places available for this term!
I paid my money, found my fabric and patterns and tried not to get too excited.  Then I received another letter, the course is postponed for a couple of weeks. The college needs to find enoungh people to sign up to enable the course to run. 

Will I ever  get to call myself a Dressmaker?
 Keep your fingers crossed for me!
It's happening! Just heard today (17th Feb) that the course will start on the 21st
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