Sunday, 12 February 2012

Shall I?

I've had a fun afternoon finishing the block for my husband for Valentine's Day, and making him a card.I started the block some time ago but it just didn't look right. After some advice from Helen Chilton it's now finished. Thanks, Helen for your input. Here is a picture of it.
I also made him a card. I started with no ideas whatsover and it just evolved. I'm pleased with it and as always I'm trying not to see all the things wrong with it!
I used an old book as a base for the hearts (well, he is a Librarian). Then I used a tissue to spread the ink from a pad onto the background. I do especially like this bit as it looks like the sky. The stamps I used were Cavanilli and Crafty Individuals.

Then, I thought why not have a go at the Crafty Individuals Challenge? So, as is typical of me, I started without reading the guidelines. I just assumed I had to use all CI stamps, this really was a challenge as I only have four sets (I love this range so will be buying more) apart from the festive ones (I have quite a few of those) and as I'm new to this craft, a limited range of inks and embellishments.

I had a small wooden box approximately 5"x5" that came filled with wooden embellishments I love the look of it and knew as soon as I bought it that I'd like to use it somehow. Then I coloured small doilies with spring(ish) coloured inks - I don't have a lot of choice. After that it was just a case of stamping, cutting and embellishing. I have to be honest I'm not too sure about it (please try to ignore the footless bird!) and I've not decided yet if I'm going to submit it. I did enjoy the challenge and it was nice to do something other than cards.
I did submit it.
You have to start somewhere...
I would have done it differently if I'd known I only had to use one Crafty Individuals product!
Another lesson learned, read the guidelines BEFORE starting the project.
I did enjoy the 'extra' challenge though...


  1. Loving your entry Suzanne - its a perfect Spring box. Great to see you've used just our stamps to decorate!!! Thanks for joining in the CI Challenge this month. Jean

  2. We've all been there - eager to create and not stopping to fully read the guidelines.
    A wonderful Spring inspired project and a great piece of altered art.
    Thanks for sharing with us at the CI Challenge.

  3. Firstly thanks so much for leaving me a comment on my blog, it is appreciated and well done on your entry to the CI challenge. It made me laugh to know you hadn't read all the info before you started haha. Never mind, you did a great job. Sue x


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