Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Todays sunshine has made me see colour everywhere and I've had great fun playing and photographing my colourful crafty bits!
Some of my latest craft fair makes lined up and waiting to be finished.
A friend and myself were lucky enough to find some wooden thread reels yesterday for 20p each in the CS. This inspired me to get out all of the ones I already own (mostly bought in CSs for about 30p!), I usually display them as in the first picture, and had great fun this morning arranging and photographing all of them together.
Pretty ribbons
colourful embroidery thread
and wool - all tidied.
Even the scraps look pretty!
I hope you are enjoying sunshine wherever you are.


  1. Hello Suzanne
    I love your colourful photos. What a bargain the thread reels were.
    Ali x

  2. It's so lovely to see this big burst of colour when it's so blooming cold and grey out! More please :) x

  3. So many gorgeous colours Mrs Bramble-love your cotton reels-another thing a girl can't have too many of!!....
    Seaside Girl Xx

  4. What a pretty blog. I shall be following it with interest.


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