Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fabulous Fabric

Like most, if not all, of you lovely people I LOVE fabric!
I have a lot of beautiful fabric. The problem is I can't bring myself to spend money on plain, basic fabric. This causes me many problems, and often has me desperately searching through my stash looking for something vaguely
suitable when plain is required.
 Until now, that is...
I've discovered some gorgeous basic fabrics that I'm not only happy to spend my money on but that I actually long to buy more of!
Meet Moda cross weave - a gorgeous soft fabric, available in the most beautiful shades.
 The fabric is woven with two different colours, like chambray.
My favourite colourways are aqua and green and red and white.
Originally, I purchased these colours from The Eternal Maker in Chichester, they stock a small selection online and hopefully will add to it sometime.
In the meantime I've ordered some more from the USA through Etsy, I'm finding it quite difficult to track down in this country!
(Any tip offs gratefully received!)
Above are some glasses cases made with the new fabric.
I'm not sure this is actually going to solve my problem as I love the fabric so much I'm reluctant to use too much and run out!!
What is your favourite fabric of the moment? Are you a more practical buyer of fabric than me? Do tell...


  1. Hello Mrs Bramble-love all your new fab fabrics-I know it's hard to actually cut up and use the gorgeous fabrics but then you'll have some more space in your cupboard to put new fabrics in!
    See you soon
    Seaside Girl x

  2. I'm the same! I have so many pretty fabrics and nothing plain to go with them. Thanks for the tip, I'm already searching on Etsy!


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