Friday, 9 March 2012

Meet and Make - this week

This week we had 15 people for Meet and Make! Our highest number yet, I think. Thanks for coming Meet and Makers!!! Don't forget that on Friday March 30th we will be celebrating our first birthday, please come along for tea and cake.  Even if you're not a member come along, everyone will be welcome.
 This week Helen was actually doing something other than chatting and drinking coffee. It mainly consisted of making a messy pile of rubber stamp offcuts!
YOU told me to take the pic Helen, it's your own fault!!

No photo of Kerry this week as she's feeling poorly, she is still making her fabric egg. Thanks for coming when feeling fragile. It wouldn't be the same without you!

Jane was making cards with fabric inserts

Karen was making a card using rubber stamps, these are some bargain stamps she treated herself to recently

Liz has also caught the stamping bug. I seemed to have missed taking a photo of her this week. She made a lovely card.

I can assure you Karin didn't just drink tea and eat scones, she did do some crafting aswell.

The polymer clay ladies, Kay and Ruby. Ruby has made some pretty beads this week.

Dee and our new member Paola (hope I've spelt it right, I can say it now - I've been practising!!)
Doesn't the yellow and purple yarn look good together? I wouldn't have thought of putting those two colours together.

Pat's fabric pouch is coming along nicely

Poor Julie ended up doing her crafting on the floor until a chair became available!

Valerie and Paola, our two newbies, chatting

And Jess
who is back to hexagons, this time working on a unfinished quilt top she bought on ebay.

Merry also attended for a short while (before I'd got my camera out).

Thanks to all the M & M members and especially to Jane, who brought scones in for us all.


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  1. At least I look cheerful this week, and busy! Despite all the rubber remains, I didn't get them all cut out! Must work harder!


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