Friday, 30 March 2012

Meet and Make - this week

Today we celebrated our first birthday and thanks to everyone who came along, and to those who supplied nice things to eat. Ian, our nominated photographer said it should be called 'Meet and Eat'! He's such a wit (actually, he is funny but don't tell him I said so!)
Here is a photo taken before everyone arrived, with just a small selection of goodies
Here are a couple of group photos, other people came and went and weren't in the photos
I have noted those that are hiding and you will be named and shamed - Debbie, Pat and Kerry (sort of!) 
Look at that adorable little girl in her vintage dress (and her very stylish mummy!). She was at our first meeting, and was only six weeks old!
Finally, thank you to Jane and Kerry for my lovely flowers and jug
and beautiful wicker heart, I'm going to put it in the bathroom when it's been decorated.
You are both so thoughtful, THANKYOU X
Thank you all for supporting Meet and Make and making it the success it is.


  1. It was a lovely first birthday celebration Suzanne! And the cake was delicious - thank you.
    Tell Debbie I want to know where she's gone in these photos!

  2. I want to meet and make! Sounds absolutely fantastic x

  3. Lovely celebrating M&M being one!! Thank you hugely Suzanne for all the hard work you have put into making it such a very special place to be on a Friday morning-we LOVE it-cake very scrummy too!! So pleased you liked the small gifts! Thanks to you also for all the fabric etc-we used lots @ Bunting Club @ Whytemead First School-will be unveiling the bunting @ the May Fayre!! Happy Easter love Jane Xx


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