Saturday, 3 March 2012

Thrifty Finds

For weeks now (since before Christmas really) I've had no luck with my charity shop shopping. This week it all changed though! I've had some great finds. I'd like to share them with you, if you don't mind.
I found this hamper in a charity shop in my home town of Broadwater, it has no age to it but I like the colour and hampers are so useful for storage. At the same time I found this old cardboard suitcase. Unfortunately, I've had to give it to my youngest son as I promised I'd look out for one for him. His room is very modern so it was a bit of a surprise that he wanted one at all!
It looks a lot shabbier in this picture than it actually is (but it is shabby and rusty).
I've found quite a lot of glass this week and here is what I've bought.
Vanity jars that I believe are Victorian. The silver plate has worn off the lids but they are still very pretty. I'm planning to put them in our bathroom when it's redecorated, we had a leak and then had to have the shower replaced so it's a big mess at the moment.
I will add the jelly mould to the others I have and I am intending to fill them with candle wax one day. The screw top bottle is a nice shape, I don't have any definite plans as yet but I'm sure it will come in useful and it was only 25p! The perfume bottle was also 25p and I just think it's a pretty design. My favourite find of the week is the huge screw top jar, I can't wait to fill it with buttons (what else?!)
Here are the rest of this weeks finds. A Ladybird book to add to what is becoming a collection, I originally bought them to cut up for papercrafts but haven't been able to bring myself to. I will paint the mirror frame and either put it in our bedroom or the bathroom, although I am collecting round mirrors to go in there....The picture is hand painted and will probably go in our bedroom, I may paint the frame. I will definitely paint the other frame and have an idea for what to display in it. The hoop will probably be used to display favourite fabric and I couldn't come home without the mother of pearl buttons.
( The light fitting reflected in the mirror still has Christmas decorations hung from it. I couldn't bear to take them down! They are shiny owls and garden birds)

Have you had much luck this week? I'd love to know what your favourite charity shop find of all time is.
Please tell!


  1. GORGEOUS charity Shop finds-love your glass collection-jelly moulds are great as are your vanity jars!! Find charity shopping so exciting you just never know what you'll find-sometimes nothing at all others far more than you can carry!!! I'm off to the Charity shops this very morning-again!!! See you soon Jane xX

  2. What lovely things you have found in the charity shops this week, I have had no such luck! I have quite a few old Ladybird books too and always look out for them as the illustrations are so beautiful. Happy crafting and leave something for the rest of us to buy in the local charity shops!! Kerry x


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